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Can America Afford Universal Health Care?

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The US can’t afford Universal Health Care if the FDA has anything to say about it!

Protecting the interests of the drug industry is very expensive.  There is no way any system can provide such a wasteful use of resources to all of its citizens.

Prioritizing profit over human life and productivity is insane, but that is exactly what is happening in the United States of America and every other country around the world to some degree.

Universal Health Care simply means health care for everyone.

Does everyone have the right to help when they are sick or injured?

Should you lose your home because you can’t pay for inflated medical bills.  (Look at your charges from the hospital!)

Very poor people can often access medical help in the US. 

Depending on the state they live in, it might even be relatively decent care.

However, the working poor are in a bad place. They really can’t afford health care until they are fighting for their life and can’t afford to worry about the expense.

What a shame to work all your life and be denied care when you need it most!

I recently got an email from Dr. Julian Whitaker, urging me to put my signature on a petition to reform the FDA.

Thank you, Dr. Whitaker, for bringing my attention to this project.  I will gladly add my name to the list of citizens demanding that this government agency be completely restructured.

More money will not fix the FDA!

At this point, the agency admits that they lack the competency to keep up with scientific advances, and CANNOT determine if new drugs are safe or effective!

The agency can’t even promise us that our food supply is safe!

The worst part of this sad story is that rather than supporting the collaboration of the great scientific minds working to find natural remedies, Continue reading Can America Afford Universal Health Care?