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How Do Symptoms Of Heart Disease Destroy So Many People Financially?

Symptoms of heart disease

Are you familiar with the symptoms of heart disease that are killing us?

Heart disease is killing us more than everything else!

Heart attack is not the only way heart disease can kill you.

A partial list of heart diseases:

  • Heart Attack
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Tachycardia
  • Rheumatic heart disease
  • Pulmonary heart disease
  • Pulmonary infection
  • Heart muscle infection
  • Heart Failure

You are home relaxing and you start to feel a tightness in your chest.

What do you do? Continue reading How Do Symptoms Of Heart Disease Destroy So Many People Financially?

Are Sorrow And Unhappiness Symptoms Of Heart Disease?


Does heart disease kill happy people?

You can’t avoid heart disease by being happy can you?  Heart disease is killing all of us more than everything else.

“Come on now, happy people are dying just as much as sad people, right?”

It doesn’t seem possible that happiness could save you from symptoms of heart disease if your doctor can’t.

Cholesterol lowering medication is suppose to be heart disease prevention BUT it will NOT reduce your risk of DEATH!


Yet, over 50 years ago scientist studied a small town in Pennsylvania that did not die of heart disease.

They ate too much sugar and fat and didn’t exercise enough, but they still didn’t succumb to heart disease the way that neighboring towns and everybody else in the country was at the time.

Heart disease is STILL killing more than every other cause of death!

The reason the folks in this small community didn’t die of heart disease was because Continue reading Are Sorrow And Unhappiness Symptoms Of Heart Disease?

Did You Know That Stages of Dying From Heart Failure Can Happen Without You Even Noticing?

UPDATE  March 3, 2012

It’s important to realize that the seriousness of what you are dealing with urgently calls for you to take action.

Your chance to recover from debilitating illness largely depends on your awareness of exactly what it is that you need to do.

The harm caused by pharmaceutical drugs is another possible obstacle.

Since your disease process is very advanced by the time you receive a heart failure diagnosis you have good reason to be concerned.  So often though, I see that caregivers are also living with very concerning symptoms that are never addressed until they themselves are facing drastic circumstances!

Heart Failure Solutions offers real answers for Heart Failure and other forms of cardiovascular disease as well as any other disease  that might show up on your journey to wellness.

The tools are here for you to utilize.  Only you can receive this gift.  If your loved one can’t see the value in simple change you can’t want it FOR them.

This is NOT pie in the sky!  This is real hope and real solution.

Starting sooner than later is a really great idea, but even if you are already in dire straights, the information you’ll find here is about what you can do RIGHT NOW to help yourself.

What’s done is done.  Are you ready to step up for yourself?



If you are wondering about the stages of dying from heart failure, you or your loved one are probably late in the disease process.

By the time heart failure is diagnosed, you have already been suffering from heart disease for years.

If your doctor says your heart failure was caused from “a virus of unknown origin”, that information is not helpful.

Heart disease IS a disease of the circulating blood.

Bacteria and viruses may very well contribute to the growing disease in your circulating blood, but Continue reading Did You Know That Stages of Dying From Heart Failure Can Happen Without You Even Noticing?