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Your Symptoms of Depression are Big Business, Why Should That Concern You?

Symptoms of depression are big business

Update December 7, 2007

Your symptoms of depression are a gold mine!

Psychiatric drug pushers are thrilled to help you find relief!

You are bound to be so distressed about your symptoms, or those of a loved one, that you are NOT likely to argue with them when they quickly give you a prescription to solve the problem.

Cha-ching! Big bucks are flowing into the pockets of rich and powerful people, so they don’t care that they are peddling a prescription for violence.

If your doctor isn’t concerned, why should you be?

Heck, you know you aren’t a violent person, how could any pill make you do something you KNOW you would never do?

Your doctor would never give you a drug that could cause you to harm yourself or others, right?

Wrong!  Psychiatric medication cause side effects that may cause you to act completely out of character!

Take two minutes and 4 seconds to listen to a message that may save the life of someone you love.

Your doctor wants to drug your symptoms of depression?

Ask him/her for medical evidence of your illness.

You won’t be given any because there is no scientific proof that drugging symptoms of depression is helpful or effective.

However, there is proof that psychiatric drugs are incredibly dangerous!

Look, if you feel like you are a danger to yourself, or that you are suffering with symptoms of mental illness, Continue reading Your Symptoms of Depression are Big Business, Why Should That Concern You?