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Wondering How To Project Your Voice?

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Are you having trouble projecting your voice?

You will get the standard diaphragmatic breathing instruction from a speech coach.

Your doctor might prescribe a gadget to help you strengthen your breathing muscles.

Everyone can agree that it’s important that you don’t strain your voice.

However, if you can’t get enough breath in your lungs, all the “how to project your voice” tips in the world are not going to help you!


Whether you are trying to communicate socially or professionally, if you can’t be heard you strain your voice to get louder.

It isn’t difficult to injure your vocal chords if you do this too very often!

Once you’ve hurt yourself, you will really have trouble being heard.


The article below is meant to help you speak with more volume.

Take a look at this information, and then let’s discuss something they don’t address. Continue reading Wondering How To Project Your Voice?

Find Yourself Wondering About Shortness of Breath Causes?

Respiratory Therapy in Hospital

If you suddenly can’t breathe, identifying shortness of breath causes, is really not your top priority!

You are GONNA call 911 … aren’t you?!

If that’s your problem I’m hoping you are NOT surfing the internet looking for your solution!

Be safe!

However, if your situation is occasional and does not feel emergent but is significant enough to send you searching for answers, let’s see if we can get you some.

Maybe you experience shortness of breath with public speaking and/or when you climb stairs.

Learning how to project your voice won’t help if you don’t remove the cause of your breathlessness.

Generally, you probably think mild shortness of breath is caused by anxiety or being out of shape.  BUT, don’t assume shortness of breath causes are not serious just because they don’t feel serious!

Shortness of breath can go from an annoyance to a desperate struggle for life in a moment!

Even if it isn’t life threatening, it can certainly take the power out of an otherwise inspiring speech!  Shortness of breath is never a good thing!

So, how do you identify shortness of breath causes and what do you do to remedy shortness of breath?! Continue reading Find Yourself Wondering About Shortness of Breath Causes?