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Do Beta Blockers Prevent Death Or Contribute To It?

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Your doctor prescribes yet another drug for you, this time it’s Beta Blockers.

Do you take it?

Is it responsible to question your doctor before swallowing?

It’s tough to feel confident enough to question your doctor, but if you don’t ask questions, do you know what you are risking?


First, let’s take a look at the side effects you might expect from taking Beta Blockers:

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) associated with the use of beta blockers include:

  • nausea
  • diarrhoea
  • bronchospasm
  • dyspnea
  • cold extremities
  • exacerbation of Raynaud’s syndrome
  • bradycardia
  • hypotension
  • heart failure
  • heart block
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • abnormal vision
  • decreased concentration
  • hallucinations
  • insomnia, nightmares
  • clinical depression
  • sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction
  • alteration of glucose and lipid metabolism.

Clinical guidelines in Great Britain, but not in the United States, call for avoiding diuretics and beta-blockers as first-line treatment of hypertension due to the risk of diabetes.

(article originally published on News-Medical.net)


WOAH!  Hold the phone!  Is it worth risking all that? Continue reading Do Beta Blockers Prevent Death Or Contribute To It?

Is The Best Weight Loss Plan Also The Best Health Gain Plan?

best weight loss plan

Does what you eat have anything to do with your health?

You know about the Atkins Diet, and the “Low Carb” Diet, and the various weight loss plans that have become widely accepted.

But which is the best weight loss plan?


If you carry extra weight you increase your risk for many serious diseases.

Just losing weight will help you become healthier IF you don’t damage your health in the process of losing the weight!

Atkins has been known to damage health due to the high protein intake.

All carbs are not created equal.  If you eliminate a whole food group, you may not be well nourished by the time the weight comes off!


Do you understand that your health depends on good nutrition?

Food really is your medicine!

The western world is more concerned with maintaining the status quo than nurturing your health with food.

Your doctor doesn’t think you are willing to make drastic changes in your diet, even if you know that it will save your life!

Other than your doctor’s lack of faith in you, there is really no other reason to refrain from telling you what is known about health and diet.


The video below is a presentation from a doctor who is willing to give you the cold hard truth!

It’s about an hour long, but the man is very entertaining, and will make you laugh while he helps you look at food differently!

Please give this video the time to really understand what you NEED to know!

Did you know that steamed skinless chicken will cause you to gain more weight than a hamburger?

I sure didn’t!  Don’t many diets advocate eating skinless chicken?

I’ve not heard the facts around declining kidney function, either!


Hearing that a plant based diet can significantly improve health in one to two weeks is very good news!

This makes a whole lot of sense to me because becoming a vegetarian 20 years ago drastically improved my health seemingly over night!

Wouldn’t YOU say that the best weight loss plan is one that improves your health while you drop the weight?


How does the idea that “unsafe meats are being sold in United States” sit with you?

Be encouraged that JUST increasing your intake of fresh organic fruits and vegetables will do a world of good WITHOUT eliminating anything at all!

Though, you just heard many reasons why making the shift to a plant based diet could profoundly improve your health!

Apparently the best weight loss plan is a plant based diet!

  • LOSE WEIGHT without going hungry!
  • Powerfully improve heart disease, diabetes, kidney function,  and high blood pressure!
  • Lower blood cholesterol without cholesterol lowering drugs that cause confusion, memory loss, elevated blood sugar and new onset diabetes!


If you don’t feel like you are ready to take on a plant based diet, you can easily add more good stuff without taking anything away!

Food really IS your medicine!  Get more good stuff and drastically improve your health BEFORE you stop eating your comfort foods!

My family and I have had great results with a nutritional supplement.

This particular supplement is easy for me to trust because of its safe track record.

I have SO much more energy and my 8 year old is having a much easier time in school.

Testimonials around impressive health improvement keep coming from folks who give it a try!

Disease Fighting Nutrition

Be gentle with yourself while you navigate the idea of change.

You can only make the changes you are ready to make.

Many BLESSings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter


Do You Wonder How To Get Rid of Water Weight?

Lot of medicines
How in the world do you lose water?  It’s SO hard to get rid of water weight!

Have you ever noticed that exercise doesn’t help?

Reducing calories doesn’t help either.

Certainly you’ve heard that fluid retention is about salt.

So, IS salt the culprit?

It’s nothing to worry about, is it?   Cut down on salt and you should be fine … right?


There are two different types of water weight.

The kind you can ignore … and the kind you can’t.

But don’t get me wrong.  They are BOTH harmful!

Cutting down on salt … limiting calories … exercising your brains out … it’s not necessarily going to help you get rid of water weight!

If you feel powerless to do anything about it and your doctor isn’t particularly worried about it, why give it any thought?


3 Reasons To Consider Fluid Retention a Sign of Trouble: Continue reading Do You Wonder How To Get Rid of Water Weight?

Did You Know That Stages of Dying From Heart Failure Can Happen Without You Even Noticing?

UPDATE  March 3, 2012

It’s important to realize that the seriousness of what you are dealing with urgently calls for you to take action.

Your chance to recover from debilitating illness largely depends on your awareness of exactly what it is that you need to do.

The harm caused by pharmaceutical drugs is another possible obstacle.

Since your disease process is very advanced by the time you receive a heart failure diagnosis you have good reason to be concerned.  So often though, I see that caregivers are also living with very concerning symptoms that are never addressed until they themselves are facing drastic circumstances!

Heart Failure Solutions offers real answers for Heart Failure and other forms of cardiovascular disease as well as any other disease  that might show up on your journey to wellness.

The tools are here for you to utilize.  Only you can receive this gift.  If your loved one can’t see the value in simple change you can’t want it FOR them.

This is NOT pie in the sky!  This is real hope and real solution.

Starting sooner than later is a really great idea, but even if you are already in dire straights, the information you’ll find here is about what you can do RIGHT NOW to help yourself.

What’s done is done.  Are you ready to step up for yourself?



If you are wondering about the stages of dying from heart failure, you or your loved one are probably late in the disease process.

By the time heart failure is diagnosed, you have already been suffering from heart disease for years.

If your doctor says your heart failure was caused from “a virus of unknown origin”, that information is not helpful.

Heart disease IS a disease of the circulating blood.

Bacteria and viruses may very well contribute to the growing disease in your circulating blood, but Continue reading Did You Know That Stages of Dying From Heart Failure Can Happen Without You Even Noticing?

Is It Just Stress? Chest Pain Isn’t Always Serious, Is It?

Is It Just Stress? Chest Pain Isn’t Always Serious, Is It?

Do you ever feel significant chest pain?

Does it worry you?

Any type of chest pain that causes you concern or that is accompanied by any of the following symptoms, should be considered an emergency:

  • Pressure, tightness and squeezing pain across the chest
  • Pain radiating down the arm, shoulders, jaw, neck, and back, particularly on the left side
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness, sweating, weakness, overwhelming fatigue
  • Feeling of impending doom
  • Headache, blurry vision, light-headedness, feeling faint
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms such as indigestion, nausea and vomiting
  • Coughing and palpitations

You are much better safe than sorry.

If you experience symptoms like those above, you want to get to a hospital and rule out the possibility that you are having a heart attack.

Do not reason it away and lose valuable time.

There are many other causes of chest pain that can become worrisome, but they won’t give you sudden extreme symptoms like those of a heart attack.

Any of the following might give you chest pain:

  • GERD or heartburn
  • excessive belching
  • hiatal hernia
  • gastric ulcer
  • pulled muscle

Suffice to say that if you are worried, seek the advice of your doctor.

With that said, let me also say that even if you think your chest pain is related to stress, it is still cause for concern. Continue reading Is It Just Stress? Chest Pain Isn’t Always Serious, Is It?

Is Your Screen Time Causing Your Early Signs of Heart Disease?

How much time do you spend every day staring at a screen?

That is television, computer, text messaging … all of those screens.

You may spend more time than you think you do.

Did you know  …

Researcher Professor David Dunstan told London’s The Independent that even if someone has a healthy body weight, sitting for long periods of time still has an unhealthy influence on their blood sugar and blood fats.

A study from Australia reports that every hour you spend watching television increases your risk of heart disease by 18%.  I’m no math wiz so I won’t tell you what that adds up to, but suffice to say

Your Screen Time Could Most Definitely Be Causing Your Early Signs of Heart Disease!


That same study found that people who spent hours watching television greatly increased the chances of dying early from heart attacks and strokes.

TV increases your risk of cancer death, and your risk of death from all causes.


A lot of the normal activities of daily living that use to involve standing up and moving the muscles in the body have been converted to sitting.

Sitting and reading a book for an hour, could also increase your risk of death.

Is your work increasing the chance of death?  If you have to sit at a desk for long hours … Yes.

Do you know what the early signs of heart disease are? Continue reading Is Your Screen Time Causing Your Early Signs of Heart Disease?