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Are There Symptoms of Depression In Your Community?

Hump day already!?

Did the fireworks over the weekend launch you into the week?

I seem to have found myself at Wednesday, wondering how I got here.  It’s been a GREAT week so far!

How was your 4th of July holiday?

I really wanted to go down the mountain to the canoe races and old car show on the beach myself.  Many of my friends were going, and invited me to come along.

Every year there is a parade in Volcano Village.

Every year for the past 7 years my family has attended the parade.

You could say I was feeling a seven year itch.

I decided to ignore the itch and turn down my friend’s kind invitations, because my daughters, Briana almost 16 and Makayla almost 13, were marching in the parade and singing afterwards at the Community Center with the cast of their Summer Musical.  (They both have birthdays this month!)

The parade is usually very big with lots of attendance, and has been getting bigger and bigger in the past few years.

As I headed up the mountain on the fourth, the sky was clear and the weather was beautiful.  Volcano Village is breath taking in the morning!


This year, the parade turn out was pretty small, but we still had some pretty cool old cars, and all the community organizations from the village were represented.

Everyone was having a really great time visiting, eating and laughing at the Community Center after the parade.  There was such a strong sense of community in the air.

I have been too busy this year to watch any rehearsals, so when my daughters sang some of Kiss Me Kate with their friends and cast mates it was the first time I had heard it.  They were great!

Opening night is Friday!  It should be fun!

With no crowd to fight, I shared a bit of every tasty food I could find with my 3 kids.  We thoroughly enjoyed the variety and washed it all down with plenty of watermelon!

I even found some time to chat with old friends I don’t get to see much!

The icing on the cake was watching shy timid Briana get drug onto the dance floor by a jitterbugging wild man!  The entertainment value was priceless!  Brina is a quick study!

Later she said she was glad her girlfriend pushed her out there.  She loves to dance, and “that was a ball!”.

There were quite a few beautiful hours of sunshine before our traditional trip to the fireworks show in Hilo Town.  My little 4 year old, Nickolas, took advantage and played his little heart out.  What a joy to watch a young one completely engaged in play.

It wasn’t surprising that Nick was sound asleep by the time we reached the waterfront.  I dropped my girls off to meet their friends, and continued on down Kamehemeha Avenue.

The crowd was thick so I had to travel quite a distance before I finally found a place that I could park and see the fireworks with my little one sleeping peacefully in the back seat.  I was shocked that the open space was right next to the band stand and a large band was playing patriotic music.

An evening rain had thoroughly drenched Hilo by the time we arrived, but the sky cleared up just as the fireworks began.

I crawled out my window and sat on the roof of my van.  The colorful lights were a captivating show and the band was providing the perfect background music.

I thought of my beautiful daughters, sitting on the beach directly under the entertainment that the whole city was watching.  I pictured their smiling faces and saw them laughing with their friends.

For just a few minutes, I felt so connected to all the souls watching the sky.

Abruptly the music ended. 

“Da ta da da da. Happy 4th of July Everybody!”

The beautiful display in the sky continued but the band packed up their horns and called it a day.

The car next to me turned on some nice local music and we continued to  enjoy the show, until they had to start their car and move because the band was leaving and he was blocking their path.

As I sat in silence staring at the sky, rain began sprinkling down.  I crawled back in my window and watched the fireworks through the steady stream of traffic caused by the exiting band members who never even turned toward the beautiful display in the sky.  It was wasted on them.

The contrast kinda suffocated me.  Just a few moments earlier, I felt every heart beat in every soul sharing the celebration in the sky with me, and now I felt like a lonely soldier in battle.

As the rockets red glare, and the bombs bursting in air continued, I felt my spirits fall.  I glanced over my shoulder at my sleeping angel, and a slow smile came to my face.

I closed my eyes and felt the peace of a sleeping baby.  I felt my connection to every other soul on the planet.  Love filled my heart and overflowed.


When everyone around you is throwing in the towel, you can still find love in your heart!

Have you checked out of life?  Do you call it a day before you have celebrated your successes?

Symptoms of Depression may be no more than subtle signs of disconnect.

Get in the game, before it is too late!

Heart Math can teach you how to hold the love in your heart.  It is a powerful tool that helps you manage the stress of today’s world.

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Thank you!

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Heart Math


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Club

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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