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 Want to address your health concerns without prescription drugs?

Would you like to minimize or eliminate your prescription drug use?

You’ll be glad you took the time to read this letter.

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From the desk of Carrie Tucker, RCP:Carrie Tucker, The Life Breath Coach

“The Life Breath Coach”

Heart Failure


Dear Caregivers, Health Seekers, and Valued Global Citizens,

Millions around the globe are wondering what to do about troubling symptoms because their doctor only gives them drugs that cause even more troubling symptoms.

By the time they are taking multiple drugs, they are afraid to stop but they don’t want to keep drugging themselves either.

If you are looking for real answers for your health concerns, please read this letter to the end.  You need to know what medical merchants would rather you didn’t.

Do you ignore vitality robbing symptoms?

  • Shortness-of-breath/wheezing
  • Pain
  • Confusion
  • Lack of clarity and fuzzy vision
  • Extreme Fatigue

You can expect to be less productive when living with these symptoms, but does drugging them help?

Medications for Asthma and pain or a good strong cup of coffee will do little to boost your energy and productivity if these symptoms are persistent.



 How, do you address these vitality robbing symptoms?

Start with the basics …   Increase Your Oxygen”  By Carrie Tucker, The Life Breath Coach

 Oxygen is the most important element of your HEALING!

Increasing Your Oxygen Means: Increase Your Oxygen 3D

  • Breathing easier
  • Increased energy (90% of your biological energy comes from oxygen)
  • Easier weight loss (oxygen burns fat)
  • Looking better
  • Aging better
  • Feeling better
  • Quicker healing
  • Effective detox (also reducing water retention)
  • Better hormone balance (oxygen is a versatile hormone)
  • Reduced Risk of Stroke
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Attack
  • The Power to Kill Harmful Bacteria
  • A Less Cancer Friendly Body (Oxygen Kills Cancer Cells!)

Are you getting this?

Oxygen is your friend!

Increase Your Oxygen To Overcome:

  • heart failure
  • asthma
  • physical limitation and fatigue
  • emotional illness
  • rehabilitation setbacks

  That’s What The Life Breath Club Is ALL About!

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