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Should Swollen Ankles Cause Concern About Your Blood Sugar?

Taking pill

Do you ever get fat ankles? Swollen ankles may not seem like a reason to worry. Your swollen ankles indicate unhealthy fluid retention!

Do you think, “maybe I just ate too much salt”?

It’s a good idea to remember that sugar causes you to retain fluid, too!

Unhealthy blood sugar levels have everything to do with fluid retention.

This article on addresses this very common problem without quite telling you WHEN to seek help: Continue reading Should Swollen Ankles Cause Concern About Your Blood Sugar?

Can Chlorophyll Improve Low Blood Oxygen Saturation?

Vegetable smoothie

Low blood oxygen saturation is a very urgent health issue!

Can something like chlorophyll really improve your health even you are living with this terribly dangerous issue?

Take a look at the information on chlorophyll and you will realize why this simple nutrient is a powerful tool for your healing process.


Low blood oxygen saturation is a BIG DEAL and could result in the deterioration of your health and even your DEATH!

It’s important that you don’t minimize this health issue!

Chlorophyll is a wonderful nutrient, but it is not a replacement for oxygen supplementation.  If you NEED oxygen, you NEED it!

Don’t ignore your need for oxygen, but know that nutrition is powerful therapy!

Chlorophyll Benefits

In addition to helping to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, chlorophyll benefits include not only being highly alkaline, but also the following: Continue reading Can Chlorophyll Improve Low Blood Oxygen Saturation?

What Foods Will Help You Lose Water Retention?

What foods will help you lose water retention

Water retention can become a very serious health issue!

If you are in search of information about foods to help you lose water weight your goal is misguided from the onset. Typically you think fluid weight is fat.  You don’t even suspect fluid until you are swollen and bloated!   What foods will help you lose water retention?”  is really a question about foods that will make you pee, correct? The “need to pee” should be evaluated by a doctor … seriously!  If you are suffering kidney failure, please don’t mess around with food to make you pee! More commonly though, water retention is not about a need to pee.   Water retention is usually about your body protecting itself OR not getting what it needs! So, eating something that will stimulate urine is not going to fix the situation. You will find a post here on Heart Failure Solutions that discusses what is known about the diuretic qualities of food. However, what you REALLY need to know is how to optimize OXYGEN with food!   Why should I care about optimizing oxygen when I want to lose fluid weight?” Continue reading What Foods Will Help You Lose Water Retention?

Is The Best Weight Loss Plan Also The Best Health Gain Plan?

best weight loss plan

Does what you eat have anything to do with your health?

You know about the Atkins Diet, and the “Low Carb” Diet, and the various weight loss plans that have become widely accepted.

But which is the best weight loss plan?


If you carry extra weight you increase your risk for many serious diseases.

Just losing weight will help you become healthier IF you don’t damage your health in the process of losing the weight!

Atkins has been known to damage health due to the high protein intake.

All carbs are not created equal.  If you eliminate a whole food group, you may not be well nourished by the time the weight comes off!


Do you understand that your health depends on good nutrition?

Food really is your medicine!

The western world is more concerned with maintaining the status quo than nurturing your health with food.

Your doctor doesn’t think you are willing to make drastic changes in your diet, even if you know that it will save your life!

Other than your doctor’s lack of faith in you, there is really no other reason to refrain from telling you what is known about health and diet.


The video below is a presentation from a doctor who is willing to give you the cold hard truth!

It’s about an hour long, but the man is very entertaining, and will make you laugh while he helps you look at food differently!

Please give this video the time to really understand what you NEED to know!

Did you know that steamed skinless chicken will cause you to gain more weight than a hamburger?

I sure didn’t!  Don’t many diets advocate eating skinless chicken?

I’ve not heard the facts around declining kidney function, either!


Hearing that a plant based diet can significantly improve health in one to two weeks is very good news!

This makes a whole lot of sense to me because becoming a vegetarian 20 years ago drastically improved my health seemingly over night!

Wouldn’t YOU say that the best weight loss plan is one that improves your health while you drop the weight?


How does the idea that “unsafe meats are being sold in United States” sit with you?

Be encouraged that JUST increasing your intake of fresh organic fruits and vegetables will do a world of good WITHOUT eliminating anything at all!

Though, you just heard many reasons why making the shift to a plant based diet could profoundly improve your health!

Apparently the best weight loss plan is a plant based diet!

  • LOSE WEIGHT without going hungry!
  • Powerfully improve heart disease, diabetes, kidney function,  and high blood pressure!
  • Lower blood cholesterol without cholesterol lowering drugs that cause confusion, memory loss, elevated blood sugar and new onset diabetes!


If you don’t feel like you are ready to take on a plant based diet, you can easily add more good stuff without taking anything away!

Food really IS your medicine!  Get more good stuff and drastically improve your health BEFORE you stop eating your comfort foods!

My family and I have had great results with a nutritional supplement.

This particular supplement is easy for me to trust because of its safe track record.

I have SO much more energy and my 8 year old is having a much easier time in school.

Testimonials around impressive health improvement keep coming from folks who give it a try!

Disease Fighting Nutrition

Be gentle with yourself while you navigate the idea of change.

You can only make the changes you are ready to make.

Many BLESSings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter


best weight loss plan

What Is The Best Weight Loss Plan For Those Suffering From Low Oxygen Levels?

What is the best weight loss plan for those with low oxygen levels?

Low oxygen levels are very dangerous and harmful to your health, though you may not even know that your oxygen levels are low!

Whether you know about this dangerous condition or not, the best weight loss plan for a healthy person is NOT the best weight loss plan for you if you are dealing with low oxygen levels!

Your body burns fat with oxygen, that’s why exercise classes are often called “Aerobics” (which means “with oxygen”)!

However, if you try to sweat off the fat when what you really need to lose is fluid, don’t expect good news from the scale!


You don’t lose fluid weight the same way that you lose fat!

“No wonder I don’t lose weight no matter how much I diet!”

You have to approach fluid weight loss much differently than fat loss because you store fluid for different reasons than you store fat.

Does it seem ridiculous that nobody has ever discussed this issue with you?


Have you ever heard the advice “Eat Less, Exercise More”?

This could be very harmful advice for 2 reasons: Continue reading What Is The Best Weight Loss Plan For Those Suffering From Low Oxygen Levels?

Could A Striv Pedometer Get You Off The Couch?

It’s The Life Breath Coach here, bringing you a great idea for getting off the couch!

If you’ve done much reading here on Heart Failure Solutions you know that you will die early of every cause of death from Sedentary Death Syndrome IF you are not active.

Heart Failure may feel like a reason to avoid being active, but physical activity is a must if you hope to recover and get your life back!

It’s not an option!  You NEED to be active in order to strengthen your heart muscle.

Heart Failure IS a progressive weakening of your heart muscle.  Reversing that process means slowly gaining strength by being active while you bathe your cells in oxygen.

Your Sacred Breathing Hand Book” gives you a specific plan for unlearning bad breathing habits.

Easy Oxygen” is an easy to follow guide for utilizing various oxygen supplements for effectiveness and safety.

However, neither of these books from The Life Breath Coach can give you a full recovery without plenty of activity!

Sedentary Death Syndrome will kill you!

The good news is that it isn’t as hard to be active as you think it is!

Recently a friend told me about the Striv Pedometer.  You are gonna want to check this out!

This particular friend is really jazzed about helping others.  His wife’s entire business is built around helping others change the world, literally!  Bill and Gina only like to work with people who are serving the world and making a difference.  These are the business owners that Gina wants to help thrive!

Bill has had a hard time losing weight for quite a while now.  He and Gina are so busy they have a hard time prioritizing exercise and their traveling life style makes healthy eating a challenge.

The Striv Pedometer really got Bill hooked on walking because every step he takes earns drinking water for people all around the world.

He LOVES that!  He’s not dreading his walk, he’s celebrating the drinking water he is donating!

One side effect Bill didn’t anticipate was a MUCH happier DOG!  Fritz was rescued by Bill and Gina a couple years ago and he has had anxiety issues ever since.  Bill didn’t realize that his new found love for walking would give his four legged buddy such relief.  Bill walks Fritz boys little legs right off him these days, and Fritz LOVES it!

  • drinking water for the world
  • weight loss
  • happy dog

Check out the Striv Pedometer and see how it changes your life!


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