5 Facts to Remember About Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels

5 Facts To Remember About Blood Oxygen Sauration

If you are searching for information on blood oxygen saturation you are likely facing some huge health issues. Normally folks first hear of this phrase from their doctor. It is likely that low oxygen levels have been causing health issues for quite some time before you or your doctor observed and evaluated them. There is a reason heart disease is killing so many. Lack of oxygen to your cells will kill you.  Though until it becomes life threatening, low blood oxygen saturation isn’t routinely assessed. The signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation, the cause of heart disease, are largely ignored.  They are chalked up as “signs of aging” Low oxygen happens way down the road, but we ignore all the warning signs.  

If you are looking for blood oxygen information, be encouraged! Yes, I just got done telling you that low blood oxygen saturation levels are very bad news, but implementing supplemental oxygen to enhance sleep and exercise can offer huge rehabilitative support EVEN if you aren’t sick with low blood oxygen saturation levels! You have discovered one of the most powerful healing tools you can utilize to improve ANY health concern including pain, weakness and emotional distress!

Seriously!  Even after you have deteriorated and lost your health, you can reverse your disease process and rid yourself of the so many of the symptoms you suffer with by effectively utilizing supplemental oxygen. Plenty of research has been done around oxygen therapy.  It isn’t extremely profitable, so you will likely be discouraged from utilizing it, but none the less, it has been proven to be a very powerful healing tool! Even your well meaning doctor is not likely to urge you to use supplemental oxygen.  I’ve frequently wondered why.  Perhaps they are concerned that the oxygen source may pose a fire hazard.  If this is truly your doctor’s fear, it is not well founded.  Home oxygen therapy is perfectly safe. It’s not a good idea to light a cigarette with a hose of oxygen wrapped round your hears and under your nose, but otherwise you can feel perfectly comfortable cooking while taking advantage of this nurturing therapy.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  

5 Facts to Remember About Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels

1.  When oxygen saturation levels fall below 92%, the pressure of the oxygen in your blood is too low to penetrate the walls of the red blood cells. So, oxygen is unable to access transportation to your cells, tissues, and organs. It is a matter of gas laws. Use supplemental oxygen to prevent oxygen starvation or suffer drastic consequences!

2. Your insurance company may not pay for oxygen unless your levels fall to 88% oxygen saturation. This has nothing to do with what is best for you, it is just the point at which your insurance is willing to pay. Your doctor CAN order supplemental home oxygen even if your insurance won’t pay for it!

3.  Every time your oxygen level falls below 92% saturation the cells of your body are oxygen starved! The problem is that if you don’t look for evidence of this vitality draining issue, you will not find it! Low oxygen levels are identified most commonly during a hospitalization for the severe issues that are CAUSED by low oxygen. You have likely been experiencing the effects of periodic low blood oxygen LONG before a health crisis gets your attention.

4. Low oxygen levels may be present only at certain times.

  •  when retaining excessive fluid
  •  when airways are reacting to irritants
  •  with respiratory illness
  •  while sleeping (with or without sleep apnea)
  •  about 3:00am when you wake gasping for air
  •  with activity

5. The first sign of low oxygen levels is often a health crisis and that crisis is often heart failure! Whether your low oxygen levels are caused by lung disease or fluid accumulation issues, the long term effect is the same. The long term effects of low oxygen are loss of eye sight, short term memory and muscle strength. The possible short term effects are stroke, heart attack and sudden death.    

Low Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels are a serious health condition! Don’t wait for your doctor to be proactive! Get your own pulse oximeter for around $20 on Amazon.com and keep an eye on your levels. If you see a reason to be concerned, keep making noise until you get the care you need! If your doctor won’t listen, find another! Though, it’s also a good idea to remember that you can utilize supplemental oxygen even if your doctor won’t write a prescription and qualify you so that your insurance company will pay. Oxygen concentrators require a prescription but oxygen generators do NOT!  

Oxygen Monitors are affordable on Amazon.com

Get your blood oxygen monitor on Amazon and watch for signs of trouble! Look when you’re active, and look if wake in the middle of the night.  Check your levels and watch for any reading below 92%. Come on back and get guidance from the Life Breath Coach when you need it! Get Your Blood Oxygen Monitor Ordered Today!     Many blessings, Carrie Tucker, RCP The Life Breath Coach Heart Failure Solutions  

PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter