Has your parent child relationship changed over time, and how does that effect your health?

How Are Your Parent Child Relationships Changing Over Time And How Does That Effect Your Health?

Yesterday was my 19th Birthday!

My mom said, “where has the time gone?” … multiple times!

It  feels like it has taken forever to graduate from high school, but mom seems to feel like the time flew by!

Your parent child relationships are bound to change with time.  We have both become entirely different people over the past 19 years.

Mom says that my “wholesome childlike approach to life” has kept her from aging rapidly.  I guess she worries about me and my siblings.

She’s always been very involved in our lives.  She says that staying connected is the only way she can help us navigate the pot holes of life.  I’m not sure what that means, but I gather that my mom wants to know what’s going on in my life.

I do feel comfortable going to her if I need help with anything.

She says that fact “helps her sleep at night”.  I’m not sure how I created my “wholesome childlike approach” but I’m glad it gives her peace of mind.

I gotta admit, I can’t remember half the memories mom has been sharing since my graduation ceremony.  My birthday celebration caused a whole lot more strolling down memory lane!

What can you do but laugh at yourself when your mother is telling stories from “the good ole days”?

My many obsessions have certainly kept my mom entertained if nothing else!

The summer musical has been a part of every summer for the past 8 years.  Each year mom thinks maybe we need a break, and each year I beg until she gives in and we begin the whole grueling schedule all over again!

Luckily mom thinks that the rigorous schedule as well as the challenge of working closely with a large group of people is “good for us”.How is your parent change relationship changing over time and how does that effect your health?

I just think all the singing and dancing is awesome!  I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer!

(The Prince is spinning my sister and I’m on the far right in red and white.)

Since my birthday is in July, I’ve spent my birthday celebration in the midst of theatrical shenanigans for almost a decade.

This year was no exception, but I did have the actual day of my birthday off so we took some time to explore a few familiar destinations close to home.

Has your parent child relationship changed over time, and how does that effect your health?

It’s been a while since my family and I have checked out a few of our favorite spots and we had a great time.

Amazing how Rainbow falls is right in the middle of downtown Hilo.  Well, up the hill a bit on the way to the hospital anyway.  I wonder why we don’t come by here more often.  I guess life gets in the way.

We kept going past the tourist viewing of the falls and checked out the amazing power of water to shape rock at the top of the falls.

My sister was “bored” because she’s “been here a million times”, but I don’t see how this ever gets old.

The sun and heat wore us all out, but it was worth it!

I loved my birthday present too!  If I get the chance I’ll share a picture soon!

It was nice to have the day off after a long weekend of performing.  As long as I get to dance I don’t mind at all, but it does tend to be a little exhausting.

Good thing I know just how to rejuvenate!

I love music.

And when I say love I really do mean it!

I don’t just like to listen to music.  It literally gets me through my day.

One of my favorite bands of all time has to be, hands down; Mcfly.

They’re a British band made up of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd.

They first hit the scene in 2004 and I first discovered them around 2006.

I have spent hours and amounts of money I’d rather not think about on this band and I don’t regret a single thing.  Their music Is just pure amazingness.

They write their own songs, play their own instruments, they even have their own record label.

They are an inspiration everyday to me.

I think it’s kind of cool that my mom admires them for their “savvy marketing” and “charmingly innocent sharing” on social networks.

About 3 weeks ago, I found out that this band that I’ve practically dedicated my life to is finally performing in the US.  Which hasn’t really happened properly before, and not while I was a part of the fandom.

But, yes.  FINALLY Mcfly are playing four shows in the US in September!

When I found this out I screamed, jumped up and down, cried, ran into my sleeping  sister’s room and told her the news (which she didn’t care about at all) and basically lost my mind.

And the best part is …. I might actually get to go.

Even though I live in Hawaii over 2,000 miles away from the mainland, I still may get to see my idols.  A couple of years back I started to save up specifically to see Mcfly.  It wasn’t anything huge, just a coffee can that I decorated with colored paper and guitar picks.  I put all my change and a few spare dollars that I managed to get my hands on into my “Mcfly jar”.  I had no idea that I would get to use what I had saved so soon!

I was expecting to have to save enough to fly over to England!

So now, all I have to do, is get my hands on a ticket!

I was unsuccessful the first go ’round trying to get a ticket!  I’m glad to see that Mcfly have so many fans in the US … but I want a ticket!!

Wish me luck for next Friday’s chance at the newly announced concert dates!  What’s a girl gotta do?

My mom has really been encouraging me to pull out all the stops to get noticed by the band.  She wants me to ask for special favors because of my “Annual Pioneer Member Status” on their Super City Site.  She’s funny!

Leave it to your mother to fight for you when the other kids don’t let you have your way!  ha!

But seriously, here’s hoping!

Mom says I should use the skills I built while accomplishing my senior project for high school graduation.  I did it on “Multi Media Communications” and I was extremely passionate about it because I tied in all my passions!

My mother considers her role in parent child relationships to be pushing from behind.  Maybe I need a push, because I have no idea how to build a life around my passions but I think it would be a great idea!

I’ll have to tell you more about my senior project and why my mom is so excited about it so please do come back for another lively conversation!  I look forward to it!

In the meantime, the reason my mom let’s me take up space here on Heart Failure Solutions is because she says I can “lighten the conversation” while I testify that what she teaches changes lives.

I’ve seen my mom help someone heal their heart and avoid transplant surgery, and I’ve seen my mom work with a really troubled kid here locally to stop hurting herself and find the hope to keep on living.

I’ve got to admit that Sacred Breathing is still a little confusing to me.  Maybe it’s just hard to learn from my mom.  I don’t know. 

But I do know that if you need help with a serious health issue my mom can help you transform your breathing so you can heal.  She says the secret is consistency.

That explains my resistance!  I’m a teenager!  I still have one more year to resist being consistent … don’t I?

Anyway, I do get that when you understand breathing you are better able to process your emotions and you reduce chronic inflammation, which is the real problem.

Click on the link below to learn about “Your Sacred Breathing Hand Book“.

If you or someone you know has physical or emotional health issues, this book holds the answers you’ve been looking for.

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DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome),

Briana Tucker-Archie

“Just a Girl”

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