Will Building a Close Knit Community Protect You From Heart Bypass Surgery?

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Heart bypass surgery has become painfully common.>

This type of invasive procedure is “routine” and we have become use to accepting it as an ugly part of the aging process.

Does heart disease run in your family?

Do you anticipate needing heart bypass surgery in your future?

If your parents suffered from heart disease, can you expect to suffer from heart disease?

Don’t buy into this bunk philosophy.  It just isn’t true.

WAY back in the 1960’s the world of science was baffled by a town that did not suffer from heart disease.

Every possibility was explored in search of an explanation and when every stone had been unturned the research team had to admit that the only logical explanation for the health of the town’s citizens was their close knit relationship with each other!

No kidding!  Their close knit community protected them from the dangerous belief that heart disease is inevitable!  They were too busy enjoying each others’ company in Rosetta Pennsylvania to buy into the belief that the rest of the world was beginning to accept as reality.

Heart disease numbers are manipulated by separating strokes and other cardio-vascular diseases out into their own category there by lowering the total number of deaths from heart disease.

We are still dying of heart disease more than anything else. 

The American Heart Association quotes the numbers that say heart attack deaths are down, but they aren’t so chatty about the fact that a majority of heart attack survivors succumb to heart failure within a year of their heart attack.

How ever you look at is, heart disease is killing us at an alarming rate!

Heart bypass surgery is certainly not saving us from heart disease!

Efforts to improve lifestyle awareness has helped, but heart disease still has the whole world in a choke hold!

In the introduction for the book “Outliers”, by Malcolm Gladwell, he describes what the researchers were up against as they contemplated delivering the results of their study of “the town that didn’t get heart failure” and the profound message it implies.


“Wolf and Bruhn had to convince the medical establishment to think about health and heart attacks in an entirely new way: they had to get them to realize that they wouldn’t be able to understand why someone was healthy if all they did was think about an individual’s personal choices or actions in isolation.  They had to look Beyond the individual.  They had to understand the culture he or she was a part of, and who their friends and families were, and what town their families came from.  They had to appreciate the idea that the values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are.”

“In Outliers, I want to do for our understanding of success what Stewart Wolf did for our understanding of health.”

The message in Malcolm Gladwell’s masterfully written book is World Changing!

We just need to embrace it.

Mr. Gladwell’s message about success is that IF every person were valued, every person would be more likely to realize the potential they were born with.

The researchers in Rosetta Pennsylvania observed the healing potential of every single citizen in town when they were valued!  They discouraged bragging on individual successes and all personal failure was minimized as much as possible.  The town’s citizens truly cared for one another and that community spirit was infused into daily life.

Citizen’s of Rosetta Pennsylvania did not develop heart disease because they cared about each other!  An exhaustive search turned up NO other explanation!

The goal of the Heart Failure Solutions Community is to educate the people of the world that solutions for suffering are available!

All you need to do is create a paradigm shift in the way you think of heart disease.

Stop buying into the lie.

Heart health is not about re-plumbing your heart every 10 years with heart bypass surgery!

Heart disease IS -> A Disease of the Circulating Blood

If cleaning up your blood was a profitable proposition you would already know how simple heart disease prevention really is.  However, it isn’t profitable to clean up your blood.

You can clean up your blood with simple safe resources that are readily available.

Utilizing the knowledge that has been known for 50 years would prevent so much suffering and needless death.  It is a crying shame that this information has not been made accessible to every man, woman and child.

It has been well understood for over 50 years that healing is not only possible, it’s simple and cost effective!

This is BAD news for those who value PROFIT over PEOPLE!

It’s hard to believe that your government would let you die for profit, but that is exactly the truth you need to come to terms with in order to heal from any health crisis.

If you don’t have the money or time to travel out of the US for your health care, you are stuck with disease management and drugging symptoms as your sorry excuse for health care.

The good news is that you can heal yourself where you are with resources that are readily available to you.

Heart Failure Solutions offers a free ebook that will teach you the basics of managing your health.

Do you understand the basics of staying healthy?

If you are already sick, you may wonder what basic care has to do with ANYTHING!

My one-on-one coaching clients need most to prioritize sleep!  More than anything else!

Increase Your Oxygen: Your Secret To Empower Health and Well Being” may convince you that YOU need to sleep more.

It is surprising how the “simple things” can make all the difference!

And the free ebook offered to you as a gift from The Life Breath Coach is packed with powerful insights that can help you turn the tide in your failing health.

However, if you really need to get serious and address your issues so that you aren’t forced to agree to heart bypass surgery it would be a GREAT idea to get “Your Sacred Breathing Hand Book” and read it immediately.

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Avoid Bypass Surgery

Less pain soon … (without getting your chest cracked!)



Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

“The Life Breath Coach”

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  1. Relax and Release tension
  2. Exhale Slowly
  3. Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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