Do You Find Health Related Articles Helpful or Annoying?

Do You Find Health Related Articles Helpful or Annoying?
Do You Find Health Related Articles Helpful or Annoying?

Are you doing all you can do to nurture your health and vitality?

Health related articles are meant to inspire you to take positive action toward better habits.

Do you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies everyday?

How about exercise?

Are you active on a regular bases?

If you know that you need to eat more produce and be more active, then why don’t you?

Do you KNOW why?

“Because  I like to eat and I’m lazy?”

Have you ever said that about yourself?

Just for the sake of argument … what if change is just hard, and you have never had the information and support to navigate those difficult life changes?

Have you considered the possibility that you might actually enjoy healthy food, and have a lot of fun being active?

Can I ask you one more question?

When you engage in conversation about healthy life style change do you feel resistance or maybe even irritation?

If so, I guess you have either been annoyed with my daily messages over the past 10 days or you have tuned me out all together!

Heck, I’m just a blogger.  You can blame Jeanette Cates and her Blog30 Challenge for inspiring me to write health related articles all month long.  She has called on all bloggers to up their game and really take their talents to the masses.

This health blog is my service to you.  You hurt yourself when you tune out simple health advice.

When you tune out your husband or wife, daughter or son, best friend or any other loved one nagging you to take better care of yourself … that is quite another story.

They have a vested interest in making sure you feel well enough to enjoy life.  If you suffer … they do too!

Do you value time with your family and friends?

If you can’t face change for yourself …

Do it for them!

The journey to a healthier lifestyle begins with a heart to heart chat.

If you are really serious about making the changes you need to make, then seek out a health coach and have that heart to heart chat.

There are many health coaches out there, and one is right for you!  I am happy to offer you my services, but there might be someone even more perfect for you then I am!

The important issue is that you get the support you need to get past your resistance and climb the mountains in your way.

Enjoy health and vitality into your golden years!

Explore your options!

Heart Failure Solutions’ “Life Breath Club” meets every Monday to renew this conversation and our commitment to better living.

If you’d like to become a Member of the Club absolutely free of charge, just click on the link below and get your invitation to The Life Breath Club Weekly Meetings!

Membership is FREE!

See you on the call!


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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