If My Doctor Says I No Longer Need Oxygen, Do I Need a Second Opinion?

Portable oxygen
A critical care unit is a good place to learn about the importance of oxygen. 

You will find out in a quick hurry how closely they watch oxygen levels.

The sicker you are, the more closely the doctors and nurses and respiratory therapists will monitor your oxygen levels.

In a home care setting, oxygen is just as important to the quality of your life.

In critical care, we are trying to save your life.

In a home setting, oxygen often feels like a handicap.  You feel like you are on a leash and it feels like a crutch, rather than the valuable health building tool that it is.

You and your family will likely grow tired of the tanks and tripping over the tubing, not to mention the growing electric bill.

Everyone is overjoyed to hear that they no longer need oxygen!


Hold on a moment before you give up that supply of oxygen!

“What?  Doesn’t my doctor know what’s best for me?”

He/she wouldn’t take you off of oxygen if you still needed it.

“Would he/she?”

Well, I’m sure he/she wouldn’t take you off oxygen, if he/she THOUGHT you needed it.

Certainly, we can agree on that.

The challenge is that your doctor may miss your need for oxygen all together!

What your doctor doesn’t know could really hurt you!

What your doctor may not realize is that you are experiencing seriously low oxygen levels that he/she is not seeing while you are seated comfortably in their office.

Your oxygen level may be dangerously low while you are sleeping …

or while you are walking through your day …

EVEN if your oxygen level is just fine while you are sitting there with your doctor.

What your doctor isn’t seeing will cause you HUGE Consequences!

If you have water around your ankles you can trust that you have water in your lungs.  

I have seen supplemental oxygen aid in fluid balance more times than I can count.  Though, many health care professionals look at me like I am crazy when I say that.

Your health care provider may have never observed that oxygen therapy reverses fluid retention, but the fact remains.  

You can get rid of water off your ankles with supplemental oxygen. 

Your heart muscle will gain strength when given consistent support with supplemental oxygen, and the result will be noticeable in reduced fluid retention!

(The fluid you retain could be at your ankles or it may be largely in your abdomen.)

If your doctor says you no longer need oxygen:

  • make sure that you have at least walked a flight of stairs while monitoring your oxygen levels
  • don’t let the nurse take the oximeter probe off your finger without doing some normal daily activity!
  • keep monitoring your oxygen levels during AND after you engage in normal daily activity/sleep
  • remember that it may take several minutes at rest before you will see levels drop by oximetry
  • make an effort to check your oxygen level during the activities that cause you to have poor color or other symptoms, or at the time of day that you notice it



It is good news if you have better blood oxygen levels!

Just make sure that you keep a careful watch for any occasion when your low oxygen levels may become an issue again!

Even if your oxygen numbers are looking good, enhancing sleep and activity with supplemental oxygen is helpful in many ways!

If your doctor is not supportive of your concern for your oxygen level, then please DO get a second opinion.  You want a doctor who values the benefits of oxygen therapy.  Be aware that there is some unjustified fear of contained gas in a home setting.  It IS safe and it is a valuable tool!

It’s your health, be your own best advocate AND/OR FIND an advocate if you need someone to speak for you.

Your oxygen concentrator or generator is a valuable tool!  Think about that decision again before you give it up!

Do you notice fluid retention, especially around your ankles and abdomen?

Fluid retention is a good reason for your doctor to refrain from discontinuing your home oxygen source.

(If you take drugs to make you pee, you are still dealing with a fluid regulation problem!)

In fact, if you have swollen ankles or feel “puffy” with fluid (OR take diuretics to pee) you should fight to KEEP your home oxygen source!

If you have water around your ankles and cannot see your ankle bone, you should MONITOR yourself CLOSELY for low oxygen levels.

If you aren’t seeing low oxygen levels with your significant fluid retention, keep monitoring.

You cannot breathe through water!

In fact, learn how your breathing just might be making you sick, even if you aren’t noticing low oxygen levels anymore!

Most people have bad breathing habits that make them sick!  If you are recovering from low oxygen levels you need to discover how to help yourself with your breathing instead of the harmful bad breathing habits that are currently contributing to your illness!

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Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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8 thoughts on “If My Doctor Says I No Longer Need Oxygen, Do I Need a Second Opinion?

  1. Carrie,
    I had a vertebroplasty (injected bone cement)in T-2,3,&4 3 months ago. It squeezed marrow from the vertebra into my lungs and I have since been on Oygen 24/7 at level 2. Have you ever heard of that situation? My surgeons say my lungs (capacity of 48% from severe scoliosis) were overwhelmed and in “2-3 months it should break up”. So far,not! The cement was put in place to hold screws/rods for a full spine fusion in November since I have osteoporsis. The surgeons act like this is no big deal. In viewing my xray them were relived to see there was no cement becasue that would have been a biggee. In reading you site I realize it is dangerous to have low O sats. I get exhausted and confused as your site lists. I discovered the problem once home from the outpatient procedure. It has been 3 months. My pulmonologist had never heard of it and says nothing. Any ideas

    1. Aloha Jolene,

      I’d love to discuss your situation with you and get more details.

      It would be difficult for me to give you advice without your specifics.

      Learning to breathe better will help no matter what!

      Your Sacred Breathing Hand Book” is the most important book you will ever read!

      Enter your contact info in the right sidebar to receive your invitation to The Life Breath Club’s weekly meeting and get the ongoing support you need.

      Many blessings,

  2. Hi,
    I am a 52 yr old grandma of 9, all under 6 yrs old!! They call me gramma j or just jj. 🙂 They are my heart and that is why I want my heart healthy. I love my family so much.

    I’ve had controlled high BP for 20 yrs. I do have controlled asthma. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 6 yrs ago. I was diagnosed with Mild Sleep Apnea about 4 yrs ago and have used a CPAP since. About 5-6 months ago I was feeling pretty poorly, low energy, alot of FM Pain, low stamina, headaches every morning for months on end, more anxiety and depression then I’ve ever felt. For a couple of months I chalked it off to being ill, I had a series of colds, sinus infections, bronchitis. Then I chalked it off to having FM, getting older and fatter, menopause—hard to tell what’s what when all this is going on!

    Due to my complaints of no energy and increased FM pain, my Dr ran a series of blook work, and discovered low potassium levels…I take diurectics for high BP and it depleted the potassium in my system. We thought that was why I felt so tired and run down and I started supplements. I was supposed to feel better but the minor improvement wasn’t enough in my book.

    I went back to my Dr and complained of continued tiredness, pain, feeling exhausted, missing alot of work, not being able to play with my grandchildren…we talked a while, and he asked how I was sleeping. I told him not great some nights, but I take a sleep aid and thought I was sleeping enough. I use the CPAP every night—then I said, but my family hears me snoring through my mask. He immediately tested my 02 level, which was about 94%, but he said he was going to order a pulsox test. I did the overnight test, it came back showing drops to 82% 02 at night. He ordered another overnight sleep study…results were SEVERE Sleep Apnea.

    My Dr then ordered a new CPAP machine and nocternal 02 at night which I would get in 7-10 dys because of the Insurane “System”, etc. I told him I am not going to make it another week feeling this way…he said to hang in there and he’d do what he could.

    I started using my husband’s CPAP because the pressure is higher then mine. My Dr was able to get the 02 concentrater to me 2 days ago and with an adapter I use it at night with the CPAP. I have not gotten my new machine yet. Although I am not dancing in the streets, I have 50% more energy, more stamina and no shortness of breath during the day. I sleep well, no waking up throughout the night and waking up feeling like death-that was my most common word to describe how I felt—death, I told folks that I feel like I am dying and maybe I was slowly. I cannot wait until my personal machine comes!! What a great hubby to do “buddy breathing” with me for now!! He is a shift worker so he can use it when he sleeps during the day, so I am not killing him off by taking his air!!! 🙂 I just know everyone needs their own personal machine…

    I am smiling more, laughing more, enjoy my family more, back to work part time and grateful for my Dr who asked all the right questions and dug in there to find out what was going on.

    My main point is this—when you have more then one medical condition, it can mask another issue. My lesson was to understand that when you have sleep apnea, it can get worse for whatever reason. I figured I used the machine and that condition was under control, but it wasn’t.

    And…until now I did not understand low 02 and the chaos it can cause in your body.

    I am not back on my feet 100% yet but at least I know I am going to get there and why I have feel “like death” for months now.

    Take care and your information was very helpful.

  3. My primary physician says I have emphysema.

    When I teach a class for 45 mins. I feel fine. But, then I return books down the hall, pack up my personal stuff, and start for the door. I need to walk the width of a gym to get to the door.

    On two different occasions I barely made it to the door. My chest felt tight and I began to wrench.

    I stood quiet outside for a few moments and then made it to my car.

    There, I continued to wrench as though I would throw up.

    After a few minutes that stopped and I seemed to be fine. I just drove home.

    I went to a pulmonary doctor who had me undergo a stress test with injection (no exercise). The test results said my heart is fine. Does that mean my shortness of breath and nausea is the result of emphysema alone? Thanks

    1. Aloha Anita,

      I am so glad you asked this question!

      The part of your story that is missing, is what is your oximetry level when you take that walk. A portable pulse oximeter would help you to evaluate whether or not your blood oxygen level is low.

      THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT! Did your doctor check your blood oxygen level with activity? If you are experiencing a drop in your blood oxygen level whenever you exert yourself, your heart WILL eventually have issues.

      Low oxygen levels rob your eye sight, short-term memory, and your strength. You will cause Heart Failure if you do not meet your oxygen needs. So whatever your doctor tells you, your heart will most definitely NOT be alright, if you continue to ignore your need for supplemental oxygen.

      Make sure you treat your wheezing with inhaled medication so that your need for oral medications is limited. However, if you are not able to breathe well when you are active, you need to experiment with what might help. Use an inhaler 15 minutes before you know you need to be active and see if that helps.

      This is a huge red flag! Search for answers to your health building challenges NOW!

      Learn how to breathe better!

      Your Sacred Breathing Hand Book” is the most important book you will ever read!

      Enter your contact info in the right sidebar to receive your invitation to The Life Breath Club’s weekly meeting and get the ongoing support you need.

      Be well!

      Many blessings,

    1. Hi Ronda,
      Oh yes, oxygen is a real quality of life booster! So many folks just plain hate to use it. They feel like they are on a leash.

      Feeling better is definitely worth putting up with the inconvenience.

      Many blessings,

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