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Now, you’re going to want to make sure that you get all the email we send you.  You don’t want it getting stuck in those pesty “spam filters”. 

So, you’ll want to make sure that you include our domain on your “White List”  Instructions for doing so follow.  Make sure that you remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol.

Instructions for AOL users

· Open your AOL e-mail account

· Click “Address Book”

· Click “Add Contact”

· Create a contact listing for Heart Failure Solutions with the primary e-mail address thelifebreathcoach @

Instructions for Hotmail users

· Open your Hotmail e-mail account

· Click “Contacts”

· In the left-hand menu, click “Safe List”

· Enter Heart Failure Solutions and click “Add”

Instructions for Yahoo! users

· Open your Yahoo! e-mail account

· Click “Mail,” and select “Options”

· Click “Filters”

· Click “Add”

· Click in the text box in the top row (“From header”) and enter Heart Failure Solutions

· In the pull-down menu for “Move the message to,” choose “Inbox”

· Click “Add Filter”

· Also, please add the address thelifebreathcoach @ to your address book.

Instructions for gmail users

  • Open your gmail account
  • Click “Contacts” (left) then “Add Contact” (upper left)
  • Enter thelifebreathcoach @ in the Primary Email box on the left.
  • You can also add Carrie Tucker in the Name box and Health Advice in the Notes box.

Instructions for other e-mail services

· Add Heart Failure Solutions and thelifebreathcoach @ to your address book or list of contacts

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