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Do You Understand What Causes Diabetes?

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Something you learned 30 years ago may very well be responsible for your suffering.

Do you think that purchasing products that are “low-fat” and “no-fat” are helping you to lose weight and avoid heart disease?  That information is in your brain because of a study done by Ancel Keys. That study has laid the foundation for three decades of nutrition science, education and public policy.  The problem is that the study comes to conclusions that are just plain wrong.

If the label on that can or box says low or no fat, you can bet that the product tastes like cardboard without lots of extra sugar.  That sugar is doing more than just making you fat.  It is poisoning you.

Thanks to Richard Nixon’s war on poverty and his partnership with the USDA to bring down the price of food, High Fructose Corn Syrup was introduced in 1975 to replace sugar because it was cheap and readily available.

Fructose is even more poisonous to your body than sugar is.  Your body does not secrete insulin to digest fructose, because it is not recognized as a food.  Fructose has to be processed by your liver.

Bio-chemists know that the way your body reacts to fructose is all the evidence needed to prove that fructose is a poison rather than a food.

“Hey wait, the commercials on television say that moderate use of fructose is ok!”

I’ve seen that commercial.  You need to be aware that it is not safe.  It has never been tested safe.  There is no evidence that it is in fact safe.  As well, since it is in EVERYTHING you are using it more than moderately.

Fructose contributes to insulin resistance and weight gain.  That is why diabetes is SO much more prevalent today than it was 30 years ago.  The way fructose is metabolized, a high fructose diet is worse than a high fat diet.

Chemicals disguised as foods just do not nurture you.

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