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Is There a Secret Cure For An Epidemic of Heart Failure?

Do you read Malcolm Gladwell?

The man is an amazing author!Is there a secret cure for an epidemic of heart failure?

He inspires me so much I am planning a “Malcolm Gladwell Book Club” for Life Breath Club Members!

In my humble opinion his books are, each and everyone, a potential Heart Failure Solution.

His first book,  The Tipping Point, gives us a powerful lesson about the difference ONE person can make on this planet.

His second, Blink, inspires us to honor our brilliance by thinking without thinking.

To me, Malcolm Gladwell’s most important work to date is Outliers because of the powerful and very important message within his stories!

My translation of that message is “LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF!”

I want to share one of the stories I learned from Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers.

But first, I want to clear up an apparent misconception this brilliant author has, in an attempt to shine a light on this issue for you!


In the introduction to Outliers Mr. Gladwell speaks of the epidemic of heart disease as if it were past tense and the advances in modern medicine as though they have been successful.

He says:

“This was the 1950’s, years before the advent of cholesterol-lowering drugs and aggressive measures to prevent heart disease.  Heart attacks were an epidemic in the United States.  They were the leading cause of death in men under the age of sixty-five.  It was impossible to be a doctor, common sense said, and not see heart disease.”

In the introduction to Outliers Malcolm Gladwell seems to be under the impression that something has changed. 

It hasn’t!

It is still impossible Continue reading Is There a Secret Cure For An Epidemic of Heart Failure?