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Is Heart Bypass Surgery Over Kill For a Simple Health Challenge?

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When you hear a simple suggestion for a HUGE problem, do you dismiss it?

If it’s a HUGE problem, it probably needs an equally big solution, wouldn’t you say?

What if you are dead wrong?

What if the simple solution you just dismissed is the answer to your prayers?

“No thanks, simple solutions really aren’t my style, I like the drama of heart bypass surgery.”

Are you serious?

If there is a simple solution to your health challenges, then why would your doctor offer you such in invasive solution?

Maybe because it doesn’t require you to do anything but show up?  Problem is, you need to show up again in 10 years for a repeat performance of “Slicing You Open”.

Perhaps the even bigger issues are the ones your doctor doesn’t have a quick fix for.  In fact, unless your doctor is knowledgeable about a specific “simple solution”, he/she does not know how to help you with a laundry list of health problems!

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The Weather Sucks, Why Is Exercise Important Anyway?

why is exercise so important

Weather messing with your exercise program?

I seem to be living under a perpetual gray cloud lately.  The clouds really aren’t all that bad, it’s the frigid trade winds that get to me.

Do you walk or jog first thing in the morning?

Isn’t it hard to get out there when it is raining, or worse yet snowing… and COLD?

You just feel like turning off the alarm and pulling the blanket over your head.

“Wake me up when it is sunny!”

Or maybe…. you are suffering at the other end of the spectrum.  Are your clothes dripping after your afternoon walk, and you feel like a noodle trying to lift a fork to your mouth at dinner?

The sun can really take it out of you, huh?

What is the alternative to suffering through the elements to get your daily exercise in?

Drive through traffic to the gym to run around in circles without a view?

Fun?  I don’t think so!

Why is exercise important anyway?

Is Exercise Worth Your Time?

  • Exercise strengthens your heart muscle.
  • If you lose muscle you lose bone.
  • Mental clarity is not associated with lazy people.
  • Exercise actually increases your metabolism AND your energy level.
  • Physical activity strengthens your immune system.

Are you still asking why is exercise important?


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