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Could A Free Obituary Template Make Your Life A Little Easier?

English: Flower arrangement for funeral Dansk:...As a caregiver you are a hero.  Period.

It may feel like a thankless job much of the time, but you know the value of your daily routine.

Your days are filled with one task after another.  If you aren’t organized, or have a particularly scattered day, you are chasing your tail, aren’t you?

Without your routine, and the rhythm of the day, you and those you care for are just NOT going to get the nurturing you normally are able to give seemingly without effort.

(You make it look SO easy!)


When there is a death in the family, life is dumped upside down. 

Your routine is out the window.

Getting things done becomes a challenge.

“Frustrating isn’t it?!”

Utilize every resource you can find.


You will find many resources that will make your life a whole lot easier, and your memories much more easy to gather.

Free obituary templates can be very helpful.

You will find them by clicking on the links below Continue reading Could A Free Obituary Template Make Your Life A Little Easier?

What Is Facebook?

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Are You On a First Name Basis With President Obama?

Can you imagine referring to former President Bush as George?  The thought makes me chuckle.

Yet all over the internet, and elsewhere, I hear folks referring to President Obama as Barack, and the First Lady, as Michelle.

What is Facebook?  Do you know?  Michelle and Barack do!

The day following his historic inauguration, I logged into Twitter

(Never heard of Twitter!? It’s a fun new social tool you’ve just gotta check out!)

Anyway…..  One of the first “tweets” I read was from a young woman saying, Continue reading What Is Facebook?

Is Awareness Enough To Fight Heart Disease?

heart disease

“Being aware” is not an action step. 

It may inspire you to take action, and it may not.

Making someone aware is lip service.  Asking good questions is a step in the right direction.  Discussion can give life to inspiration.


Inspired action requires that you get past denial.

Denial is very popular.  It feels good.  That is, until your problem gets right in your face.

Even though at this point, you are suffering the consequences of your denial, you may still cling to it.

Until you take back your power, you will not feel better, and you can’t heal from heart disease or any other disease.


Can you take inspired action, and still be in denial?

That is a good question.  Usually denial is what keeps you on the side line, or keeps you so attached to your disease process that you never seek help to heal.  If you can’t imagine yourself feeling good and living well, then you won’t be able to achieve it.

Recently I came across a story that tore my heart out.  The story is about a young woman who was definitely taking inspired action.
She was a role model for inspired action, and her family loved and cherished her.

She had struggled with a weight issue all her life.  Her family and friends, and even her “shrink”, considered her a hypochondriac and often joked with her about it.  (After all, she wasn’t too proud to admit that she was.)  Her many complaints fell on deaf ears, and she brushed any concern aside out of habit.

Until……her final complaint.

“I am so dizzy,” she told her mother over the phone.

Then the line went dead and a 19 years young woman, in the prime of her life, was gone.

Over the years she had learned to ignore her discomfort:

  • heavy sweating
  • not being able to catch her breath
  • being overtired
  • working hard to lose weight with little results
  • tendency to be “lazy”

This beautiful young woman lost her life to a congenital heart disease called myocardial bridging—a defect where an artery, instead of going where it’s supposed to in the heart actually goes through the heart muscle.

Her story was written by a close friend, who wishes that the American Heart Association would do a better job of raising awareness about Congenital Heart Defects, and remind people that often, genetics is the only cause.

Do you know that there are tests, treatments, and surgical repair for congenital heart defects?

Most people don’t.  If you are far too young for heart disease, but experience symptoms like the ones listed above…..please complain loudly to your health care provider.

Be heard and live!

If you are listening to the American Heart Association, be aware that they promote profitable Cholesterol Lowering Drugs without warning us of the dangers.

Find out what the AHA won’t tell you!

Join The Life Breath Club and get all your questions answered by The Life Breath Coach.

That’s what The Life Breath Club is for!

Become a Member Today

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Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP
The Life Breath Coach
Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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Confusion: Ever Feel Like You Have Your Head In the Clouds?


Do you ever notice confusion … walking around like you’ve got your head in the clouds?

You know… spacey?

Like….. ”what the heck was I just doing?”, or “what was I saying?”,

or “what did I come in this room to get?”

Oh come on, you know you do.

What is that all about?

Yesterday I bumped into Bonnie, a patient I used to care for.  We were both out shopping, and just tickled pink to have a chance to catch up.  I’m sure the other shoppers were wanting us to stop blocking the isle, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Bonnie is a colorful lady who loves antiques and beautiful bright colors.  Her house is a fun place to visit.  My kids were amazed by the place and always begged me to schedule with her when they could come along.  They loved the house and Bonnie loved them.

I’d do my usual routine, express my concern about her low oxygen levels, and nag her to use oxygen 24/7.  Then we always took time to laugh it up and enjoy each others company.

I noticed that after our delightful isle obstructing visit, I felt like I had my head in the clouds.  You know, spacey.  I even forgot what the heck I had come into WalMart to buy.

“That sweet old lady does that to me every time,” I thought with a smile.  I always seem to be floating just above myself when I spend a little time with this charming, busy lady.

Even though she is very sick and needs to slow down and care for herself, she is still living at a crazy pace that has been the norm all her life.  From her costume jewelry, snappy dress, and makeup, to her antique hunting and social life, Bonnie’s life is simply exhausting.

She just never learned to slow down and heal, even though she spent 3 weeks on a ventilator in ICU and almost died more than once.

Low oxygen levels cause short term memory loss.  So Bonnie has the excuse of not remembering what changes she should make, long enough to make them.

If Bonnie had discovered the ability to heal herself by listening to her intuition, she could have slowed down long enough to smell the roses years ago.

The problem was that if Bonnie slowed down long enough, Continue reading Confusion: Ever Feel Like You Have Your Head In the Clouds?

Have You Checked Your Blood Pressure Lately?

have you checked your blood pressure

High blood pressure can develop anytime.

Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

Lori has recently taken on the role of caregiver for her aging relatives.

The increased stress has resulted in her blood pressure climbing.

Fortunately, the tragedy of losing her sister too soon (to untreated high blood pressure) has made her painfully aware that denial, and lack of treatment can be a deadly combination.

She knows that she needs to evaluate her options and take action immediately because this is a life threatening condition.

So far she has been much better about getting out and walking each day.


She can’t change the stress that revolves around her, but she can choose to be gentle with herself.

The biggest challenge, she has found, is cutting back on red wine in the evening.  It is such a comfort, and really seems to help the stress so much, that she has had a hard time keeping it under control.

Each day is a new day.  Each day she faces the challenge.

I don’t worry about her.  She is aware that she needs to make changes, and she is always making new goals for herself.


Just because you have not had health issues in the past …

That is no guarantee that you will not develop high blood pressure tomorrow.


Do you know what you do to cause high blood pressure? Continue reading Have You Checked Your Blood Pressure Lately?

Are You Mourning the Loss Of Your Loved One Before Their Death?

Death is a part of life.  When someone you love dies, your life  goes on without them.

Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia can effectively take your loved one from you.  Though your lives go on, the person you loved is gone.  They are no longer who they were.  Someone else is living with you.

Grieving for the loss of a loved one that is not dead is a heart wrenching kind of pain.

Do you feel angry and sad? Continue reading Are You Mourning the Loss Of Your Loved One Before Their Death?