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In Times of Crisis, Do You Still Believe In Miracles?

Do you believe in miracles

Have you ever felt chewed up and spit out by life?

You are in good company.  Everyone goes through trials.

When you consider all your “problems” to be Challenges to Rise to….

Life becomes a wondrous adventure.

Don’t let the obstacles defeat you!

Your challenges are designed to make you stronger and more compassionate, so that you will be prepared to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime!

It is important that you look at every trial as a chance to grow!

Serving Your Purpose Will Take Great Strength!

Recently I have been tried and tested.

You, too?

We are a bunch of animal lovers around my house.  A few weeks ago our puppies got sick and before I had noticed they needed help, the girl puppy died.  We saved her brothers, but we were all so sad and grieving the loss of that sweet little girl.

Not two weeks later, my daughter’s little rascal Maggie dog had escaped again and before anyone realized she was out, she got hit by a truck on the road in front of our house.  That broke our hearts all over again.

In the meantime, a close friend was going through torment over someone poisoning his dog.  Evidently it wasn’t the first dog in the neighborhood to be poisoned, and the culprit hasn’t been apprehended.

My friend was being pressured by friends and family to put the poor dog down.  It was extremely hard to watch!

She was  completely paralyzed for 2 days!

He fed her and gave her water with a syringe.  No way he would “put her down until she was in pain”, he said.

The dog was paralyzed for goodness sake!  I thought he was losing it!  Do you believe in miracles?


Since there was no talking him out of it, I gave him my bottle of bentonite clay hoping it would help to pull some of the poison out of her.

He gave her a dose every few hours, taking time to move her frozen legs and reposition her.

His sister came to his house and was so emotional, she held the dog and cried,

“Please let me take the dog and have her put to sleep!” she begged.

Still he refused.

Can you imagine how shocked I was on the forth day when the dog greeted me at the door?

No kidding!

Within a week, she was running, playing and FINE!

With all the heart ache in our house, this story of never giving up has given us solace in our grief and renewed our faith that Love and Compassion Are Blessings From God.

Sometimes it his hard to be faithful.

Do you believe in miracles?

That happy little dog is a walking-tail wagging-miracle in my book.

I feel chewed up and spit out even though I’m at peace.

All the trauma has me feeling really run down and needing rest and recuperation.

Though I have not felt very restful.

Do you have trouble resting when you know you should?

Does restlessness torment you when you are having trouble processing your emotions?

In the middle of the storm of emotion, it was difficult to return my attention to my Sacred Breath and I am The Life Breath Coach!

It can be really difficult to recognize your own need for tender loving care when you are in the middle of a heart breaking situation.

Meeting with a committed group of like minded friends once a week can be an anchor of sanity when the world gets crazy on you!

That is exactly the way that I use The Life Breath Club to benefit my own Personal Sacred Breathing Program!

Find out how your breathing makes you sick, especially during times of emotional distress!  And then join us every Monday for some good energy with friends on The Life Breath Club’s weekly meeting!

Join Now

It’s FREE and just the connection you need to keep you connected!

This is a private membership site to protect your medical privacy.


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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