Are You Often Breathless?

Would you like to know why that should concern you?

From The Desk Of:
Carrie Tucker
The Life Breath Coach


Carrie Tucker, The Life Breath Coach   Sacred Breathing Handbook

Dear Caregivers, Health Seekers and Concerned Loved Ones,

The world is dying of heart disease, but you and your family don’t have to!

 So many families are devastated by unnecessary loss!

There are so many sad stories that will break your heart. You may have one yourself.

Heart disease often strikes out of the blue without warning. It’s often misdiagnosed, for decades, even! Heart disease is a mysterious monster that even the medical world does not seem to have a handle on. How many times have you heard of a fatal heart attack immediately following a complete physical examination that claimed the patient was in “perfect health”?  (This is not unusual at all!)

If your doctor can’t reliably predict a fatal cardiac event and modern science is telling us that “preventive drugs” are very problematic and are likely contributing to the epidemic of heart failure we are seeing in the world, are you ready to cut to the chase? It isn’t a profitable message, but heart disease is predictable and not difficult to cure. 

You should also know that breathlessness, memory loss and erectile dysfunction are just a few of the early symptoms of heart disease! 

Talk to your friends and you may come to the conclusion that these symptoms are very common. It’s true, they are very common symptoms because heart disease is very common. 

You don’t want to worry so you try not to. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot better to actually address your worrisome symptoms and feel better as a result?

Chris Downs no longer needs a heart transplant!

He got off the heart transplant list quickly by addressing his bad breathing habits.

Chris is living proof! 
  • You Do Not Have To Die of Heart Disease!
  • You Can Get Back To Doing What You Love!
  • Vitality Is Lost One Breath At a Time!

Modern Science tells us that you can accurately predict the length and quality of your life based on the efficiency of your lungs.

If your lungs are sick and/or you have bad breathing habits it will drastically impact the length and quality of your life!

Chris was so sick when he met the Life Breath Coach that he was panting and breathless. 

Doctors gave Chris no hope. They said, without a heart transplant, his fate was sealed. He didn’t have long to live.


Chris SqChris Downs was a workaholic. 

(You probably know one of those people who never stop working?)

Chris had been pushing himself hard and was forced to stop when he had a bad case of what he thought was the flu. 

He really wanted to get back to work, but he just wasn’t getting better. 

His doctor’s prescriptions and advice didn’t improve his symptoms. 

When Chris ended up in the hospital, the diagnosis was heart failure.Health Crisis

By the time he encountered the Life Breath Coach, he was having a hard time staying out of the hospital. 

His doctor said his heart had grown too weak and his only chance was a heart transplant!

Nobody believed Chris could heal!

Chris’s health care team told him his heart could not gain strength. When he learned about the power of Life Breath, he didn’t let the doubt of those around him effect his expectations. Chris expected to heal. From his sick bed he quickly consumed all the introductory Life Breath Club instruction and scheduled his one on one time with the Life Breath Coach.

The changes Chris made were easy and subtle, but the results he achieved were astounding! 

He went from panting and breathless with conversation to walking for exercise without distress in two months time. 

Today, Chris is farming at high elevation! Talk about miraculous healing!

In just a few short weeks time, Chris used what he learned from the Life Breath Coach to take his life back!

 Chris was a model student. Health crisis motivated him to seek solution and he had faith that he would find it.


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Anita’s story isn’t nearly so clear cut. 

Kypho-scoliosis can’t slow Anita down. She’s been moving mountains all her life! She terrified her gym teacher with her amazing physical feats and kept up with the crowd. 

In her professional life, Anita excelled and accomplished more than she ever dreamed she could.

Anita didn’t let anything slow her down, but she didn’t expect to outrun her disease. She just expected to keep running until she dropped!

When Anita could no longer ignore her breathlessness her running stopped. She found that she couldn’t move mountains when she was short of breath! 

By the time Anita met the Life Breath Coach, she was experiencing repeated bacterial infections and had several health issues concerning her.

The problem early on was … Anita didn’t want to do what the Life Breath Coach advised.

It took a little bit of convincing.


Anita squareAnita Rauch expected her health to get worse.

The Life Breath Coach taught Anita how to stop hurting herself so that she could begin healing..

It wasn’t easy to begin nurturing herself after a life time of stubbornly defying the limitations of her disability. Life Breath Club taught Anita to pay attention to the clues she was ignoring. She began to listen to her body.

Anita had been going to the same doctor for many years and felt  grateful to him for “saving her life”. She felt indebted to the man because he had helped turn her health around a decade earlier. She said, “I’d be dead without him”. Anita’s doctor had convinced her that her “polio-syndrome” was causing her deterioration and that she couldn’t expect a better outcome. 

To try the advice she got from the Life Breath Coach, Anita would have to find a new doctor that would support the plan. 

She felt like she was betraying someone who deserved her loyalty. First, Anita had to believe there was hope to heal. 

Anita needed a Health Care Team that was willing to look for CAUSE and SOLUTION. Life Breath Club is all about creating a Health Care Plan that explores possibility. 

Before Anita felt motivated to find a new doctor, we worked with a plan that her doctor could support. The small subtle changes advised by the Life Breath Coach created such incredible results that it was hard not to hope! Discovering the courage to find a new doctor opened up a whole new perspective for Anita. 

She wasn’t fighting with her doctor anymore. Anita was open to the idea of healing.

It wasn’t always easy to stick to the Life Breath Plan, but Anita said she felt like she had to give it an honest try and was quickly glad she did. 

Anita lost 7 pounds in 7 days from implementing easy changes she learned from the Life Breath Coach.

She lost a pound a day for a week without trying!

Anita lost 20 pounds in her first month WITHOUT dieting!Dangerous fluid retention

By the time Anita had achieved that kind of result she was willing to keep listening and taking action. 

It’s a darn good thing she got committed early on, because there were big hiccups and major decisions to make on Anita’s journey to reclaim her independence.

Along Anita’s healing journey, she had to navigate:

  • over-drugging when her medication became too strong (healing can be dangerous!)
  • inappropriate treatment for her sleep apnea (which required getting a new doctor)
  • investing in and committing to a chiropractic treatment schedule to save her hip and knee by correcting a 30 pound imbalance.  

With the Life Breath Coach as her guide, Anita used Life Breath Planning to access solution she didn’t realize existed. 

 Anita deserves a lot of credit. 

Most people just let themselves get distracted. They listen to the doctor who is drugging symptoms without offering solution and continue to suffer. 

Anita didn’t realize she was retaining fluid until she began shedding weight. She didn’t realize her stubborn weight loss was something to be concerned about. All Anita was doing was looking for solutions to her reduced ability to do the things she liked to do. She wanted more time! 

Fluid retention (aka “stubborn weight loss”) has everything to do with the BREATHLESSNESS that robs your energy and steals your joy.

You think you are just “out of shape”, “getting older”, “developing asthma”, even! You just don’t think breathlessness is anything to worry about until it starts to make grocery shopping and getting your hair done feel like a great big hairy ordeal! Do you make excuses for your fatigue?

“I’m not as young as I use to be!”

Maybe you only get breathless when you are exerting a great deal of effort, like climbing a flight of stairs. Or, maybe you don’t even notice your breathlessness but other people do! 

It helps to be aware that shallow and rapid breathing is a reason to be concerned about your health.

As you seek solution, it’s a good idea to think of this as a journey to discover pieces of a puzzle. Instant gratification and a pill to fix every ill are considered happiness and health care in some circles. That plan may serve you well for years, but there comes a time when ignoring the subtle signs of heart disease begins to really hurt you! Your symptoms are the clues that help you find the solution to your suffering. 

Do you ever experience any of the following symptoms?Vital signs

  • Your loved one tells you that they already told you something that is NEWS to you.
  • Your emotions become quickly over-whelming OR you can’t feel them at all.
  • Climbing stairs leaves you surprisingly winded.
  • Morning finds you as tired as when you went to sleep.
  • You wake at night gasping for breath.
  • Routine chores cause rapid-shallow breathing.
  • A chronic cough that usually produces white or clear mucous. 


 It’s easy to ignore or explain away many of the symptoms above, but waiting for them to get worse is a BAD idea!


Don’t expect a warning sign to alert you before a health crisis!

change aheadIf you didn’t notice the subtle symptoms, odds are you won’t notice your deterioration until your situation is urgent. 

Write down the symptoms of deterioration and post them somewhere that your friends and family can see them:

  • very pale complexion, blue coloring around lipsFrequent misunderstandings
  • tingling fingers
  • persistent grumpy disposition
  • chest tightness
  • frequent misunderstandings

 When you get to “gasping for air” call for emergency care!

It seems like a health crisis should be obvious, doesn’t it?

If you are in immediate physical danger, you’d think that you would be painfully aware of it. Yet, everyday people ignore the signs of a fatal heart attack.

How can that be? 

Can you ignore chest pain and gasping for breath? 

Apparently you can. Though, let me be clear here, it’s a really REALLY BAD idea to ignore those particular symptoms! 

Over the past three decades I’ve met many people who tell me they “didn’t know” they were in trouble when they experienced a life threatening health crisis. 

Even health care professionals miss their cue. Many people tell me they were sent home multiple times from emergency room care before a major health crisis! Nobody’s perfect, so you want to advocate for yourself and your loved ones as much as possible. It’s important to learn what to look for and to take action with confidence when you feel the need. It’s best to trust your educated gut! This is the information age, so inform yourself or find an advocate who is passionate about your health and inspire them to seek information with solution in mind! 

You are ALWAYS better off safe than sorry!

Though, if you really take that expression to heart, you can see the wisdom of becoming aware of the more subtle signs of deteriorating health and educating yourself about what you can do BEFORE a crisis! 

If you listen to the think tanks that look to promote profit, you might believe that we are winning the war on heart disease. Manipulating the numbers and promoting “preventive drugs” sounds good, but the fact is that we are STILL dying of heart disease more than anything else. It’s killing us! 

The fact that heart disease is killing us at such an alarming rate is a crying shame! We certainly know enough about heart disease to begin positively effecting the statistics. Unfortunately, medicine for profit is completely focused on making money. Profit matters more than health to those in power in the United States of America. It’s the reason we pay FAR more for the 37th best health care on the planet! It’s nuts!

Breathlessness, memory loss and erectile dysfunction are very telling symptoms of heart disease! 

Though drugging those symptoms won’t necessarily reduce your risk of heart disease. 

Heart disease is NOT simply a disease process that attacks your heart muscle. Heart disease effects every part of your cardiovascular system.

Your cardiovascular system consists of:

  • your heart muscle, the pump
  • all your blood vessels, they supply oxygen rich blood to all the parts of your body and deliver blood back to the lungs to wash and reload  
  • AND your BLOOD, the delivery mechanism for all of your essentials, especially life-giving OXYGEN!

Heart disease involves ALL aspects of the cardiovascular system and the problem begins in your blood.

You might think cholesterol in your diet is what causes heart disease, but the truth is that cholesterol is NOT the problem! 

Gummy, sticky, dirty blood is the root cause of heart disease. Heart Disease

Many things contribute to the pollution of your blood.

(Alcohol, drugs, smoking, air pollution, processed foods, sugar, inactivity, exhaustion, etc etc etc … )

Anyone can clean up dirty blood. Your family history of heart disease does not mean you are destined to suffer and die of heart disease.  

There are many easy, safe and natural philosophies and therapies for cleaning up your blood. None of them is difficult to understand or implement. BUT, nothing is more powerful when it comes to cleaning blood than OXYGEN.

The good news is that Life Breath is a powerful blood cleaner!

Oxygen is where Life Breath Planning gets its power. The healing power of Life breath is also immediately effective and always available! 

Life Breath is the secret to unleashing the healing power of oxygen! 

Harmful breathing traps oxygen where it can do you no good! 



  • Stop an asthma attack
  • Balance your hormones
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Strengthen your heart muscle
  • Kill bacteria
  • Destroy cancer cells


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