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Juicy Nuggets Summary – Carrie Tucker

Carrie Tucker is the Life Breath Coach and founder of the Life Breath Club. She’s been a respiratory
therapist for three decades, beginning with over a decade of harsh critical care education in an inner
city trauma center. Over the past 8 years she’s helped several clients get off the heart transplant list and
coached many to overcome chronic illness. Her passion to help people regain their lost independence
began to expose just how many burned out caregivers there are out there. The Life Breath Coach brings
good news. The secret to vibrant health is as close and simple as your next breath.

Talk Title:
The Breath Of Life: Discover How Your Breathing Can Make You Sick

Talk Description:
Learn 3 Easy Breathing Tricks To Prevent Illness

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1. The biggest problem with breathing is when we have rapid and shallow breathing.

Oxygen is the most important element and when we breathe rapidly, we alter our bio chemistry and hurt ourselves in two ways. We lose access to the oxygen in our blood stream and we minimize the amount of oxygen entering our body.

2. This can make us experience frequent cold and flu symptoms, chronic fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and the list goes on.

3. Health care providers rarely caution us about bad breathing because they are limited by what they are taught in medical school.

4. The single most important factor when it comes to breathing is Stillness.

Cultivate stillness to grow strength and humor; two very important factors for your health. Breathing problems stem largely from accumulated tension and
unhealthy bio-chemistry. Strength dissolves tension and humor causes a sudden shift in your bio-chemistry. This is all about your Relaxation Reflex.

Sitting Still is the safe short cut to Strength AND the daily practice of Still-Quiet TIME will allow you to laugh more easily.

The Life Breath Coach suggests you observe Stillness 3 ways:

*Standing with feet shoulder width apart, plant your heels in the earth.

*Sitting tall with your head on top of your spine. (no slouching)

*Lying in a bed with your knees elevated and your head as flat as you can tolerate it, arms comfortably at your sides with palms up or place your hands gently on your chest without touching them.

5. The Three (3) Breathing Tricks to Prevent Illness:

Breathing trick #1 Keep Your Mouth Shut.

Breathe through your nose.

IF you absolutely can’t breathe through your nose; exhale slowly through pursed lips.

This trick works by helping you gain access to the oxygen that is already in your blood.


Breathing trick #2 Increase Your Oxygen by Exhaling Slowly.

Increasing Your Oxygen is as simple as waiting to Inhale.

Trick number 2 is a test to see how efficient your breathing is.

*If this Simple Breathing Trick is a struggle for you, then it is important that you SUPPLEMENT your oxygen intake.

Breathlessness is a reason for concern.

This trick works by increasing the oxygen that is entering your blood through your lungs.

Tip: Get an oximeter to check blood oxygen levels. If your level is under 92% blood oxygen saturation supplement your oxygen intake with home oxygen and/or portable oxygen.

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Breathing trick #3 BOUNCE Every 20 Minutes.

Got G-Force?

If you can’t do more than bounce on your toes then do that.

If you can catch a bit of air, go for it.

Be safe, but generate just as much G-Force as feels good.

Instead of sedentary screen time, bounce every twenty minutes.

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