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From the desk of:

Carrie Tucker, RCP

“The Life Breath Coach”

Heart Failure Solutions.com


Dear Caregivers, Health Seekers, and Valued Global Citizens,

Millions around the globe are wondering what to do about troubling symptoms because their doctor only gives them drugs that cause even more troubling symptoms.

By the time they are taking multiple drugs, they are afraid to stop but they don’t want to keep drugging themselves either.

If you are looking for real answers for your health concerns, please read this letter to the end.  You need to know what medical merchants would rather you didn’t.


Are you growing tired of drugging your symptoms of suffering?

You aren’t alone.  Many people are weary of all the prescription drugs they must swallow every day.

“Are all these drugs necessary?” 

Do you find yourself asking how all these drugs could be good for you?


Sometimes prescription drugs are a God send.

And sometimes it just seems that way.

If the drugs you take today lead to more drugs (and suffering) tomorrow, they are not the solution you were hoping for!

Knowing that drugs can cause side effects that are worse than what they are taken for is often NOT enough reason to stop you from swallowing what your doctor gives you.  You just want to feel better, NOW!  In the case of cholesterol medications, you’re afraid of what might happen if you don’t comply with doctors orders!


Do you hope your doctor knows best?

Your doctor has been educated within the western medical system.

Profit is a much higher priority than is science in today’s world of health care.

If you don’t question what’s given to you, the consequences could be much more drastic than the symptoms you are drugging.


The Life Breath Club is the place to ask questions and get answers.

You need support when you have important health care decisions to make.

Be your own best advocate!  Join the Life Breath Club and learn how!

Your journey to better health begins with asking good questions!

  • Why Drug Yourself?
  • What are the Side Effects?
  • What are the Alternatives to Drugging?

Be prepared the next time you face an important health care decision.

The Life Breath Coach offers a free digital ebook that will help you attend to your symptoms on a daily basis.

Learn what you need to be doing and what you need to give your attention to in order to address common symptoms.

BEFORE you begin a new drug come read here on the blog or in the members area and do your research to make better decisions with more confidence.

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