Why Do You Need the Food Matters Detox Guide?

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It is bad enough that the average American’s diet is full of processed foods with empty calories, and lots of fat, salt and sugar, but add plenty of chemicals and pollution and a mountain of stress, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you feel puffy and bloated when you wake up in the morning?

Has your memory and focus gotten cloudy?

If you have fat swollen ankles, time is of the essence!  

Swelling around your ankles is a sign of significant fluid retention.  This is a huge concern because the extra fluid is in the way and disrupting the absorption of nutrients and oxygen!

If you don’t address this worrisome condition, over time it will devastate your health.

  •  Water retention issues effect young women because their bodies are always protecting a possible fetus.  Nobody is worried about fluid retention in a young woman, but you should be concerned for yourself and your future if you are living with this issue.
  •  Now if you have high blood pressure and blood sugar issues you should be VERY concerned about water retention issues!

First and foremost take care of your oxygen need because chronic fluid retention that causes oxygen starvation will eventually lead to heart failure.

If you know your oxygen level is not a worry, then you can take a look at what else might be causing your fluid retention.

Second -> Avoid sweeteners and processed foods!

Why do you eat what you eat?

Probably because its what you have always eaten, yes?

Many people suffer from food sensitivities and allergies that they are not even aware of.  Comfort foods are a favorite coping vice, but they could be CAUSING your chronic illness.

The foods to suspect first are the foods you eat every single day.

You can start by eliminating the food you KNOW you have been over exposed to, OR you can eliminate the 5 foods that Food Sensitivity Experts say are the most common problem causing foods.

One of These 5 Foods Is Probably Your Problem

1.  eggs
2.  dairy
3.  wheat gluten
4.  soy
5.  corn

Eliminate these foods for 60 full days.  When you reintroduce them you may find exactly which is causing you issue, or you may find that you tolerate all these foods if you don’t eat them TOO often.

The Food Matters Detox Guide will help you find practical alternatives for foods that you choose to test with an elimination diet.  Foods that you don’t tolerate well now, may be more easily digested when your system is functioning at a higher level.


As your body is able to shed toxicity, you will be better able to use nutrients and oxygen, so that every cell in your body becomes more vibrant and strong!

As you clean your palate, this guide will introduce brand new flavors and textures that delight your taste buds while the colors and aromas nourish your spirit.

Get the instruction and inspiration you need to inspire healthy meal prep!


The Food Matters Detox and Rejuvenation Guide

1. A step by step detox program

2. Quick and simple healthy recipes with the nutritional benefits of key ingredients

3. Knowledge about how to add more life-giving wholefoods into your daily life

4. A 7 day meal planner

5. Shopping list, tools and equipment list

6. Recommended reading list



This Guide Will Empower You With the Knowledge To:

  •  Break up and remove toxins
  •  Rebuild your immune system as you replenish nutrients
  •  Raise your body’s energy levels mentally physically and sensually
  •  Decrease gas and bloating
  •  Reach your optimal weight, flatten your stomach
  •  Look and feel better
  •  Overcome allergies and illness
  •  Prepare nutritious meals for you and your family
  •  Understand the principals of healing foods
  •  Re-balance hormone levels
  •  Improve your sense of awareness and creativity

You will feel like a different person, because you literally will be! When you are cleansing and improving your diet, your outlook and attitude will change because your actual cell make up will change!

Don’t wait!  Click on the link below to get your copy today!

Food Matters Detox and Rejuvination Guide


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions

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