Do You Know What You Need To About Cholesterol?

Heart disease is the number one killer in the western world.  Does watching your cholesterol protect you from heart disease?

Your doctor may be very knowledgeable, and he may be sorely lacking information that can make all the difference to you.  How can you tell?

Arm yourself with knowledge and you will know what is right for you.

You will be able to ask the right questions.  Are all of your options being considered?  How will you know?

Be your own advocate.  If you are unable to speak for yourself, your family members and caregivers are your best supporters.  They can speak for you.

  • Learn what your cholesterol numbers actually mean.
  • Know the difference between bad and good cholesterol.
  • Understand why free radicals are the real villain in the story of heart disease.
  • Learn which foods to avoid, and which to eat more of.
  • Find out if you are on medication that may be causing your high cholesterol.
  • Convince yourself that exercise can be your secret weapon in lowering cholesterol.
  • Know that there ARE supplements that can treat your high cholesterol WITHOUT harmful side effects.

You can gain control of your cholesterol, and your health.  Claim your power, get your copy of the Cholesterol Secrets Report.

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