Can America Afford Universal Health Care?

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The US can’t afford Universal Health Care if the FDA has anything to say about it!

Protecting the interests of the drug industry is very expensive.  There is no way any system can provide such a wasteful use of resources to all of its citizens.

Prioritizing profit over human life and productivity is insane, but that is exactly what is happening in the United States of America and every other country around the world to some degree.

Universal Health Care simply means health care for everyone.

Does everyone have the right to help when they are sick or injured?

Should you lose your home because you can’t pay for inflated medical bills.  (Look at your charges from the hospital!)

Very poor people can often access medical help in the US. 

Depending on the state they live in, it might even be relatively decent care.

However, the working poor are in a bad place. They really can’t afford health care until they are fighting for their life and can’t afford to worry about the expense.

What a shame to work all your life and be denied care when you need it most!

I recently got an email from Dr. Julian Whitaker, urging me to put my signature on a petition to reform the FDA.

Thank you, Dr. Whitaker, for bringing my attention to this project.  I will gladly add my name to the list of citizens demanding that this government agency be completely restructured.

More money will not fix the FDA!

At this point, the agency admits that they lack the competency to keep up with scientific advances, and CANNOT determine if new drugs are safe or effective!

The agency can’t even promise us that our food supply is safe!

The worst part of this sad story is that rather than supporting the collaboration of the great scientific minds working to find natural remedies, the FDA censors their communication and often opposes or bans safer, less expensive, and even more effective options for treatments of all kinds of disease.

Americans are suffering and dying.

It is time to send a clear message that the insanity must stop!

Can America afford universal health care?

America can’t afford to stand by and watch the drug companies rake in huge profits peddling dangerous drugs, while people die unnecessarily!

Isn’t health care for every citizen a worth while goal?

Lord knows, it can’t be the gross waste of resources going on today, and that is a good thing.

Aim high America!  Protect your citizens from profit seeking drug pushers and give them good advice, good food, and trustworthy well educated doctors.

Doctors are not your enemy, but you should be aware that the medical schools in the United States are largely financed by those profit seeking drug companies.  Our medical system does not allow for unbiased observation.

How can our medical system be scientific if it is biased?

Start reforming the American health care system with the FDA!

The government works FOR the people.  They need a clear message from a huge mass of Americans saying ENOUGH!

I urge you, get YOUR name on that petition, and ask everyone you know to get their name on it.

Would you like cost effective care?  Now is the time to speak up!

You will be in good company.  In January, the Wall Street Journal published an article that states:

“A group of scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team pleading with him to restructure the agency, saying managers have ordered, intimidated and coerced scientists to manipulate data in violation of the law.”

Our tax dollars are paying for criminals to threaten the lively hood of professionals who attempt to serve us well.

Stop the criminals and the drain on the economy.  That will create an economic stimulus package for every man, woman and child!

Stand up and speak out!  This must be stopped!

Click on the link below and enter your name on this historic petition!

Health Freedom Now

Together, American’s can make a difference!

Send your friends to this blog post and get them on board!

Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP
The Life Breath Coach
Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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13 thoughts on “Can America Afford Universal Health Care?

  1. That is a pretty sad blog post. One thing about the taxpayer dollars is that there are lies spread daily about where it goes. There is too much power given to private corporations.

    1. Aloha,

      Heck, even when the truth be told, folks are so brain washed they don’t protest.

      It’s time to educate the masses. Empower yourself and bring the power to the people!

      Many blessings,

  2. Anne Holmes; the Norwegian health Care system have been tinkered with with the intent to improve for many decades now.

    Today, any patient can chose her own (public) hospital for treatment. And travel there and back for free. And if the wait for a hospital is too long, she can get a private one or foreign one on the UHC system. (the last not entirely her own choice of hospital, in practice there will be a few providers with deals with the goverment to accept the “overspill”. Financially cheaper for everyone)

  3. Carrie,

    You are so correct in all that you say. I hope your readers will take the time to read every word of your comments to my post.

    As for the alternative care I have sought out on occasion, generally it is not covered by my insurance – I’ve paid for it OOP – out of pocket…

    My point was, that WHEN our legislators are drafting the new FDA you are advocating, they MUST allow for freedom of choice in treatment.

    My understanding of Universal Health Care is that every one of us is entitled to free or “no cost” (or shall I say “no OOP”) health care as a right, just as we are entitled to visit a public library or drive down the public roads in our communities without paying a fee or a toll.

    Certainly there IS going to continue to be a cost to cover these services, AND I would expect that our healthcare providers would still be paid for their work.

    But we would pay for the services as taxpayers, NOT as a separate fee.

    I have spoken with many healthcare providers about the concept of the US offering universal healthcare, and they have always feared the concept, as they generally feel that installing this sort of system will tie their hands, and force them to offer “medicine by the numbers” rather than actually serve the patient and treat each patient individually.

    I particularly respected the concerns of one of these people, as she is my stepmother: an RN, and daughter of an MD. With the twist that she is Norwegian-born, and raised. Her father had to practice under Norway’s universal healthcare system. And she came to the US with her first husband while he attended school in the US, but stayed for many reasons, including her impression that we have a better healthcare system here.

    She feels that the US system is better in terms of offering patients a CHOICE of treatments.

    On the other hand, she arrived in the US in the 1950s. Since that time, I fear our healthcare system has broken down. Healthcare costs too much here in the US AND our statistics no longer show our system to be among the best when it comes to live births and longevity.

    Pardon me for raising my voice, but SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!

    My husband and I are self employed, so we pay 100% of our health insurance, and we are only paying for the two of us, as our children are grown.

    Yet between us we are paying out over $1,000/month for health insurance, and we still have a co-pay and an annual OOP expense of over $1500 before the insurance kicks in and pays more than 80% of our costs. Plus that is major medical, and doesn’t cover eye care or dental coverage.


    Americans just plain can’t afford the cost of our healthcare.

    I am here to support healthcare reform.

    Thanks for sharing your soapbox, Carrie!

  4. I’m with Obama that we need to find a way to make EFFECTIVE and CARING healthcare available to everyone.

    But the thing I worry about is that many countries which already have universal healthcare are not able to provide their citizens with TIMELY care.

    In other words, in Canada and the UK, healthcare is free, but you often have to wait months for diagnostic testing and follow-up treatment.

    And another concern I have is that I am not sure how easy it is for a person to DIRECT his or her treatment under universal healthcare.

    In other words, if I wanted to use alternative healthcare services, I am not clear that this would be available to me in some situations.

    This scares me. I want my choices for treatment to remain available to me.

    1. Hi Anne,
      I hear you there. That is why I feel so strongly that the FDA needs to be changed in such a huge way as to really be serving the citizens of the United States.

      We NEED Health Care Freedom! And we need it now! I guess I have spent SO many years with insurance that didn’t allow for alternative care, that I hadn’t given much thought to those who DO have that care available to them. The large hospital I worked for did not offer Health Care Freedom to employees. I have had to afford “alternative care” myself, so I can understand your fear.

      Traditional drugging for chronic pain did not help me to live my life. It actually prevented me from being able to parent my children and contribute to my community.

      So called “Alternative Care” gave me my life back.

      Cost effective care, would have to include options for the individual. Without results, you’ve just got more wasted resources.

      The problem is that the Drugging Mentality has been so deeply ingrained in the minds of many, that there is a real fear in choosing other than what your doctor advises.

      That fear is what keeps people victimized and powerless.

      Drugging symptoms will build PROFIT, but will NOT build health!

      For effective therapies and natural remedies to be made widely available, it is necessary that we stop bleeding for the Drug Companies.

      Without Health Care Freedom, we will be challenged daily to achieve our highest potential.

      When you are old and wise, you have a lifetime of knowledge to share. Our aging population deserves the Health Care Freedom to navigate their perfect journey to their highest potential.

      Everyone deserves the support of effective Health Care.

      There are no easy answers. That is why learning what you can do to build your health everyday is SO important.

      Fighting for Health Care Freedom for all is worth taking ANY risk. When you treat everyone as a sister or brother, the world has just become a better place.

      Being that example in the world makes the choice that much more available to your neighbors. Be the change you want to see in the world.

      Having said that,

      Speak out and let your Congressmen/Congresswomen know specifically what type of options you value.

      Tell everyone you know how important your Health Care Options have been in YOUR life. How have they made you better able to contribute to your community?

      You are one person who has empowered herself.

      What I know of you, you would never let yourself be victimized by disease. You are the type of person to get out there and find your answers.

      Can you imagine a world where everyone felt entitled to the solution to their suffering?

      How many more people would be contributors in this world? Let’s find out!

      Universal Health Care simply means health care for everyone. What does that look like for the United States?

      That picture is being drawn right now. Be heard!

      Many blessings,

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