Can Transcendental Meditation Take You From Ba Humbug To Hohoho?

Christmas 2008-s


It’s way too early in the season to be saying “Bah-Humbug!”

Are you already grumbling about commercialism and traffic?

Transcending chaos is more about finding Peace than being Jolly, the idea is to find some enjoyment in the season for you and yours.

No offense to those who practice Transcendental Meditation!  We honor your hearts and don’t mean to imply that your intention has anything to do with Santa Clause!  You may not refer to your quiet prayer or simple “conversation with God” as a “Transcendental Meditation Practice”, but all of the above can help you deal with holiday stress and have more fun with your family this year.


If you don’t spend your holiday season with family, we pray that you spend it with friends or are invited to share with new friends.

Nobody should be alone at the holidays.

Chad Kubo, the Life Dance Coach, shared a memory with us on a recent Life Breath Club Meeting about a difficult Christmas he spent not so long ago.  He said it was the year of his divorce and the first year he volunteered at a charity organization.  He really got a lot out of it!  Being around the kids, families and food really did wonders to lift his spirits.  Life Breath Club sends out a prayer that each and every member of our community be surrounded by love and good cheer this season!

A transcendental meditation isn’t just a technique, a prayer, or a chat with God.

It’s also the little moments that you give your full attention to Joyful energy!

If you go Christmas caroling with your neighbors, you can grow a Joyful Moment into a Joyful Evening!

What holiday do you celebrate?  What are your traditions?

Please click play and listen to the transcendental music of Lindsey Stirling & Kuha’o Case while you share your special traditions with your Life Breath Club Community in the comment section.  We can’t wait to hear all about it!


Beautiful!  I hope you loved it as much as I did.  Let’s listen together next week!

We will be sharing an awesome meditation time together next Monday, December 16,2013 on the Life Breath Club’s Weekly Meeting.  I hope you can join us!  Please know that the recording is always available for free for at least 24 hours following the call.

Invite your friends!

Following the meditation we will be discussing How Meditation and Exercise Can Help You Create Happier Holidays!


Don’t be shy!  Tell us about your favorite holiday traditions in the comment section!