Set Up Your Google+ Account and Get Connected!

Ronnie is a nice guy.

He’s pretty easy to listen to and he guides you through the information pretty quickly.

Skip through setting up a youtube account if you don’t choose to do that part.

Give this 30 minutes and secure your connection to the support you need!

You can comment here on our membership site at the bottom of every article using your Google+ account.  There will be opportunities to join Google+ Hangouts in the near future, begin now by commenting on content that brings up questions or is helpful.

Take advantage of the useful tool that the Google+ Social Network can be by connecting with fellow Life Breath Club Members as well as friends and family. 

It’s easy to invite everybody to your party because you are safe and there is no space limit! 

The internet is just one BIG room!

You are now hip and with it!

Congratulations! We look forward to getting to know you!