May 20, 2013 Life Breath Club Meeting

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Welcome, kick off your shoes and find your straight spine position.

If you get tired lie down, but try to keep a straight spine, lift your chin and allow your slow exhale.

While you listen to the conversation, what emotions and thoughts come up for you?

Share and ask questions¬† in the comments area.¬† Join the live call and participate while you’ve got the chance!

The opportunity to participate by phone will soon be closed to Masters Members only. 

However, free members will always be able to participate here in the protected Life Breath Club members area.

The format is changing along with the technology, so please contribute your ideas as we move forward.The Life Breath Coach

Thanks for coming!

7 thoughts on “May 20, 2013 Life Breath Club Meeting

    1. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique!

      It’s really useful to be able to tap away emotion, pain and stuck energy!

      Keep playing with it! It will get more useful as your skill with the technique grows!

      This is solid science so trust it AND yourself!

    1. Well shoot! I was a little technology challenged to begin the call and just simply forgot to refresh my page so I could see you commenting!

      No worries, my learning curve is usually sharp!

      OH! Aha! You are the Kathy from our facebook Heart Failure Solutions page, right?

      Now I make the connection!

  1. Do you have a question for the Life Breath Coach?

    A slow controlled exhale can be useful as you explore your breathing.

    BUT forcing air won’t get you any closer to better breathing.

    Momentarily shifting your bio-chemistry is helpful but leaves you hanging without vagal toning.

    Let’s talk about it on the call.

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