Is Water Retention a Recurring Theme In Your Life?

Sometimes water retention makes you uncomfortable for a few days to weeks and then it will seemingly subsides and leave you be until the next time it comes to visit.

But did you know that you could be carrying around 20 extra pounds of fluid and NOT EVEN KNOW IT?

That extra fluid is putting a heavy burden on your heart muscle!

Sally had been trying to lose weight for years.

She was very strict with her diet and made sure to exercise 3–5 times every week.

When she saw her doctor, he always said the same thing, ”eat less, exercise more.”

She wondered how in the world she could eat any less, and felt that the doctor must not believe her!

Each week without progress made it that much harder to continue starving and exercising herself.

 Does Sally’s story sound familiar?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When you press your fingernail firmly into your thumb-pad, does it stay deeply dented for more than a second or two?
  • When you press the tip of your finger into the inside of your shinbone, does your nail make a dent?
  • Do your ankles ever swell?
  • Does your shoe size increase as you get older?
  • Do your rings sometimes not fit?
  • Is your tummy ever tight and swollen?
  • For women, do you suffer from breast tenderness?
  • Does your weight fluctuate by several pound within the space of only twenty-four hours?

Water retention may very well be a CONSTANT in your life.

The constant presence of water retention causes damage because it reduces your ability to absorb nutrition from the food you eat, and makes it more difficult to supply oxygen to your cells.

Be AWARE,  the recurring wave of water retention will drain your health, and if it gets significant it will eventually have you fighting for your life!


If you don’t know you a have problem, you don’t know there is anything to be concerned about until you are dealing with a major health issue.

Do you have pitting water at your ankles?

(Can you see your ankle bone?)

If you can’t see your ankle bone,


If you don’t set out to educate yourself about what you can do to reduce your water retention today, you may run out of time to find your answers before that excess fluid results in devastating damage to your kidneys and heart.

This period between “symptoms onset” and “lab results that cause concern” is when you will be able to actually DO something to change the direction you are headed!

Unfortunately, you can’t count on your doctor to sound the alarm.  By the time your doctor expresses worry, you will be in deep trouble!

Western medicine really has no idea what to do about fluid retention.

If you notice water retention, or have stubborn weight you can’t lose, it behooves you to look into the causes of water retention.

This is your window of opportunity! Don’t miss it!


Special Tip:


You can not breathe through water! Capiche?

That rattle in your chest is water in your lungs.

Water in your lungs is a red flag warning!

Get medical help ASAP!

Your life may depend on it!


Life Saving Advice:

  • First watch for blue coloring around your lips.

Fatigue with ankle swelling are worrisome enough all by themselves,

so be proactive if these symptoms persist.

  • Next enlist the help of your health care practitioner.

If your oxygen level is below 92%, your doctor will be able to order home oxygen for you, though it will need to be recorded at 88% in order to get most insurance companies to pay.

Keep in mind that if you need supplemental oxygen to keep your oxygen level 92% or above, you need a doctors order for an oxygen concentrator, but you can purchase an oxygen generator without a doctors order.

Be on guard for any reading below 92% blood oxygen level. If you treat every episode of low blood oxygen, your heart has a fighting chance.

  • Advocate for yourself if your health care provider is not helpful.

Search for the cause of your low oxygen level.

Buy your own oximeter to watch for low oxygen levels and insist on treating them with supplemental oxygen if you see them.  Your insurance will pay for an oximeter if your doctor can verify that you are 88% or lower with normal activity.  This is much lower than what is good for you, but this is the level they want to see in order to pay for the oxygen machine.

Buy your own oxygen concentrator/generator out of pocket if you are unable to get your insurance to provide what you need.  It’s your health.  Oxygen enhanced sleep and exercise will nurture you and create healing.  Health is worth investing in!  Lose several decades of your predicted income and your bottom line will be drastically effected!


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Many BLESSings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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