Is Community Spirit Pain Reliever Without Heart Risk?

How was your fourth of July holiday for 2012?

Mine has caused a lot of reflection.

I’ve shared a couple emotional posts on past Independence Day celebrations here on Heart Failure Solutions.

I’m actually grateful to have those articles as a record of some very happy memories.

In years past our fourth of July celebration has definitely been pain reliever without heart risk.

Pain meds increase your risk of heart failure, but community spirit has the power to keep you well and reduce your pain without drugs!

Pain relievers cause constipation and further ALL disease processes!  It isn’t just your heart risk you need to be concerned about!

Have you ever heard the expression:  “Death begins in the bowel” … ?

Staying connected with your community, getting active outdoors, living with passion and purpose are very specific ways you can attend to your pain level so that you can resort to drugging your pain far less often.  If you don’t believe that, give it a good honest effort.  Just don’t get discouraged too quickly.  Some events are more uplifting than others, but community  is as much about YOU as it is about your neighbors.  Just keep showing up.

The fourth of July parade in your community is one opportunity to show up.


This year my troops were gearing up for the celebration bright and early.  Our preparation at home in the morning felt like it does every year. 

 Our pace was hectic and we left our breakfast mess, so it felt like a traditional fourth of July morning!  haha!


Nick and I dropped off the girls to march with the cast of this year’s summer musical, Cinderella, and headed out to find the perfect parade watching spot.

Hey, the early bird gets the worm, so we got an awesome spot!

What a gorgeous morning!

4th-1-2-sBy the time the statue of liberty and Uncle Sam lead the marching band down the street to start the parade, we were Blissed out!

Here they come!  The parade begins!


I love how dogs are always a big part of the parade every year.This little guy gets to ride!

Looks like these two are cruising buddies!

4th-4-sThe roller derby ladies are always ready for a parade!

I hear roller derby night is good fun.’

I don’t think I’m up to participating, but maybe we’ll have to check out the action one of these weekends!


Nick was so excited to find his sisters in the crowd!

Wave, Nick!  It’s them!

4th-6-s The local Christian church marched playing ukuleles,

and the Krsna folks came up the mountain to chant for us!

Usually, the antic cars out numbers the politicians, but this year there wasn’t a single one!

Other than Nick missing the cool cars, we were enjoying the traditional holiday fun until we made our way to the Community Center where the parade ends with a great community fund raising event.

The entertainment was certainly nothing to complain about!

The cast of the summer musical sang for the crowd first and Briana, my eldest daughter, only looked slightly terrified when she sang with her quartet!

Next we went to get food and realized that is wasn’t the usual happy community energy at this year’s event.

There weren’t very many vendors and the ones that were there had MUCH higher prices than usual.  The real trouble began when a crowd of people were left standing around holding the red tickets you must trade your cash for at the door WITH NOTHING TO BUY!

There were some very unhappy people when we were told that they were not willing to refund anyone their money, even though there was nothing for sale!

Usually this is the biggest event of the year in Volcano Village.  We have a great time until late in the afternoon.

This year the food was gone and most people left by 11:30.

The entertainment continued for a very small crowd.

I still enjoyed visiting with old friends, and Nick had a great time at the skate park once the crowd cleared and they let the kids at it, but I sure missed the laughter and hours of good energy with folks I don’t see very often.

The community leaders in Volcano Village need to understand how important community spirit is, and how sad it is that our community didn’t get its annual party and didn’t feel good about their contribution to the fund raiser this year.

I can imagine the bad energy will leave its mark on our community this year because I know that the awesome good energy from our traditional celebration has always brought the community closer and inspired cooperative efforts to keep improving our little village.

  • In 2009, I carried the good energy down the mountain with me.
  • In 2010, the timeless night sky kept me captivated while my kid’s happiness wrapped me in Joy and Appreciation.

Last year I remember fireworks on the beach after a long fun day.

The inspiration from last years celebration resulted in such inspired work that my Sacred Breathing Program really came together at long last!  And our first group of Life Breath Club members realized some incredibly awesome healing!

It’s been more than a year of growth and evolution here on Heart Failure Solutions.

Life Breath Club Member, Chris Downs, got OFF the heart transplant list!  Chris healed very quickly and resumed an active lifestyle!

Your Sacred Breathing Hand Book” and the newly revised Life Breath Club are what Chris credits with giving him a new heart muscle.

The weekly meeting of The Life Breath Club offers the Community Spirit you can rely on to keep you strong and steady your course.

Drugging your pain is problematic.  You definitely NEED pain reliever without heart risk!

Both Community Spirit AND Sacred Breathing Can Give You That!

Click on the blue button to gain access to the book that saved Chris from transplant surgery!

Pain Reliever Without Heart Risk


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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