Could Doctor Who Online Enrich Your Life?

Could Doctor Who Online Enrich Your Life?

You might think that my love for all things British has something to do with why I love “Doctor Who” so much, but this glorious master-piece of art is filled with so much “epicness” that no loyalty to Britain is required!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Doctor Who is a television show that started in the 60s and continued on into the 80s and then was brought back to the BBC channel in 2005.

It’s the story of a Time Lord who goes by the name “Doctor” and his travels through time and space saving the world and rewriting history.

It’s difficult to explain why this program is so special for me.Could Doctor Who Online Enrich Your Life?

Initially I started watching because many of my friends were fans and I figured, with my love all all things UK, I had to check it out.  Right away I liked how clever and insightful it is.  “Doctor Who” is witty and funny and charming and it makes you think.

During the 90 episodes I’ve watched of Doctor Who online since last November, I’ve had the life scared out of me and experienced every emotion to the extreme!

I’ve had to pause episodes to “fan girl” until I could regain my composure enough to be able to hear the audio.

I have even used “pause” to take a moment and gaze in awe at what I had just witnessed.

Yes, I’m serious.

It took real discipline to find the time to watch 90 episodes, and those are just the newer series!  I do plan to make the time to work my way through the series from the 60’s through the 80’s.  Some say you’re not a true “Whovian” until you do!

Two decades worth of  “Classic Who” could take some time, but I’ll enjoy every minute!

I can not emphasize enough how much I recommend that you check out this amazing, amazing show.

One quote from the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “A Christmas Carol” (which is a fantastic twist on the classic tale) is a great insight as to what the show is all about.

This quote will really inspire you!

Whether you are important to the survival  of our planet, or important to your family and friends, there is no difference.
Could Doctor Who Online Enrich Your Life?

Consider this a reminder that you count …  you matter!

Go out and find something that will remind you of this!

Doctor Who, music and books are my reminder, what’s yours?

  •   Nature?
  •   Art?
  •   Poetry?
  •   Friendship?
  •   Community service?

If you have to, create an alarm on your phone, or a note on your computer.  Just find or create a reminder!

Uplift yourself  everyday with a reminder that you matter, a reminder that you’re important!

Because you are, take the Doctor’s word for it!


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome),

Briana Tucker-Archie

“Just a Girl”


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