Why Is Sleep So Important?

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Why are American’s so proud of sleep deprivation?

Do you take pride in working yourself to death?

Sleep is SO important, because the fuel we burn is electricity, and you only make it while you sleep.

Out of gas?  Need coffee and other stimulants just to get through the day?

Change your attitude about sleep, and fill your gas tank.

It is this low fuel level that begins the process of all disease.  No matter what your diagnosis, your sickness began by neglecting to provide your body with the fuel it needs to do it’s job each day.

ALL Diseases follow a process that has 7 stages ending in cancer.

Often the disease process will kill you before it reaches this final stage, but never the less, all disease follows the same progression.

The best way to prevent ALL disease is to get PLENTY of sleep, and stop dis-ease, before it advances and becomes uncomfortable and dangerous.

The 7 Stages of Disease:

  1. nervous exhaustion (not enough fuel)
  2. toxicity (resulting from lack of energy)
  3. irritation (from building toxicity)
  4. inflammation (suffering begins as your body struggles to heal!)
  5. ulceration (toxicity eats away at tissues)
  6. induration (your body encapsulates the toxicity to protect itself)
  7. cancer (the cells of your harmonious organism turn against you)

Unfortunately, stages 1 through 3 are not even recognized as disease, nor given a second thought by the average person or doctor.

Most health care providers do not recognize disease

Until it has advanced to “inflammation” (Stage 4) and is causing discomfort.

At this point, interfering with your bodies attempt to do some house cleaning (detoxifying) will only further advance your disease.

Build your health BEFORE you lose it if you have the choice.

However, it is NEVER too late to Heal.

Do you want to feel better?


What can you do?

As the “Life Breath Coach” I teach an action plan I call BLESS.


Discover how your breathing makes you sick and what you can do about it.


Learn how to navigate life from your heart space.  Love really is the answer.


Become aware of the poison in the US food supply and find out why it is so hard to nourish your health with food.

Food really is your medicine IF it has not been polluted and altered with genetic modification.


Cultivating Stillness is a very important aspect of your Healing.

Stillness is very challenging to create in today’s world.

Seek Quiet Stillness

Invite Nature’s Healing Power

Take Time To Connect With Others


You were born with a powerful ability to heal yourself and your world.

Sacred Breathing means returning to your normal breathing rhythm.

Sacred Breathing means discovering your healing potential.

Sacred Breathing will give your Voice strength to pay it forward!

Heal Suffering

Embrace Connection For Change

Life Spirits To Raise Hopes

Put People First


Will Yours Be the Next BLESSed Life?

Join the “Life Breath Club” today and learn what you need to know to get a better night’s sleep asap!

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This is a private membership site to protect your medical privacy.

It’s FREE!


Many blessings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

4 thoughts on “Why Is Sleep So Important?

  1. I love your posting here, it explains clearly with significant information about sleep related to our overall health. Perhaps, you can elucidate more about the indications of a good sleep or based on what we can measure a good sleep?

    Last but not least, a good mood is also important so we can have a good sleep. Bad mood can cause restless & difficult to reach a good (night) sleep.

    There are certain kind of foods that can boost our mood. Please try them at http://ourhomeremedies.com

    Good bye sleepless,

    Our Home Remedies

  2. Thanks for your contribution John!

    It was like a guest blog post, and RIGHT on target! If you’d like, the guest blogger spot light is yours anytime!

    Many blessings,

  3. Both the blog and the previous comment contain some of the most useful information I have read about your health.

    I constantly remind people to REST, REST, REST! I know from experience that when my body needs healing, it first demands rest. Or, it will sit me down.

    The added nutritional information is quite simply priceless.

    CONGRATULATIONS Carrie, you have been CHARMED. Please pick up your award at


    I want more people to read this post.

  4. I think above all getting enough sleep is critical. That’s when your body does most of it’s detoxing and repair. Going long period without proper sleep will start the disease process and it’s much easier to prevent than to cure.

    Everything you take into you body creates toxins. Even the good stuff. As things are broken down and metabolized toxins are created. Try to stay away from man made chemicals in processed foods they are harder for you liver to get rid of. If toxins don’t get eliminated by the liver they will be stored there or somewhere else in your body.

    When you’re sick or just exhausted you don’t want to eat foods that take long to digest. Digestion takes a lot of energy. It also uses about one third of you blood which could be doing something more productive than digestion. Some things you eat will keep you in the state of digestion for many hours.

    When I’m having a health problem or exhausted the first thing I do is juice. A juicer allows you to get a lot of nutrition in fast. Fresh juices have high quality nutrition and digest almost immediately using very little energy.

    Getting good nutrition in fast will give your immune system the building blocks it needs. It also helps build high quality replacement cells. When a cell is replaced because it’s time or from injury the body does the best it can with what it has to work with. If your dumping high quality nutrition into your body you’ll get a new high quality cell.

    If the body doesn’t have what it needs it will substitute and get by with what it has to work with. You still get a cell but it may not be as responsive or elastic or functional.

    People will always pick a diamond over cut glass when buying jewelry. The next time you put something in your month ask yourself if you want to create real diamonds or fake ones. Show your heart some love your heart will love you back.

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