Is Tolerance the Tie That Binds Different Types of Religion?

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How important is tolerance in your religion?

Do you find yourself helping God with his job as Judge?

I met JoAnn about 10 years ago, after I answered an ad she had placed in the paper.  We hit it off right away and have been close friends ever since.

She is almost 40 years my senior, but we seem to speak the same language.  We both value spiritual growth and often talk about tolerance and God’s unconditional Love.

Many of JoAnn’s neighbors have tried to “save her” by inviting her to their churches.  She tells me that she appreciates their kindness, but so many of the “houses of worship” she has visited sent a message of intolerance and hate from the pulpit.

JoAnn’s beloved brother was gay, and she just can’t sit and listen to judgment based on sexual orientation.  She says she never knew anyone who gave so much of themselves to others, and she does not hear “love the sinner hate the sin” within their message.

Is homo-sexuality a sin?  JoAnn is willing to accept that it may very well be, but she is not ready to pass judgment on her caring brother.  She thinks it is not her place to judge and she will not sit and listen to it.

About a year ago I came across, an inspirational web site that sends daily emails to feed your heart and soul.  I just knew JoAnn would love it!

The other day I got an email from her.  She sent it out to many of her friends, recommending and sharing how much she enjoys it.  She included quotes from the site that she says have “set her heart free”, and she encouraged us all to plug in and experience this wonderful web site.

Following is the quote JoAnn passed along to the friends she cares so deeply for.

“Although raised a church-going Catholic I found many of their teachings, rules and rituals contradictory, and more importantly, inconsistent with the answers I had intuitively arrived at.

I’ve always believed, for example, that each of us is really doing our best given our own understandings, therefore if judgment were to be passed on a life, and I don’t believe it is, sin would only ever be regarded as an honest “mistake” due to deep misunderstandings. Not a demerit system that leads to eternal damnation.

Wouldn’t a loving Father, I reasoned, have more compassion than to seek revenge on his comparatively feeble children who are temporarily blinded by the illusions they’ve created?

Even human parents are far more understanding of their own flesh and blood than the “Father” as portrayed in most religions. Sin, and its past and present connotations, must have been a term derived by man I concluded, not an understanding, all-knowing God.”

I’ve always needed explanations that made sense, and just as importantly, I believed they were attainable. I came to deduce, and still believe, that Jesus was here to tell us, as others have, that we are all “children of God”, that the things he did, we all can do, and that there are no sins, no evil, no hell, other than what exists in our own minds.

He came to Earth to be a living example of these teachings, to show a better way to his fellow travelers at a dark time in history when limiting beliefs were so ingrained into the population they no longer sought, nor could they conceive of, greater thinking.”

Since I was also raised a church going Catholic I can really relate.

I am very grateful to the Catholic Church of my childhood for giving me a deep Love for God.  However, the hypocrisy I witnessed growing up, did send me in search of peace, and the unconditional Love of Father God.

Is tolerance the tie that binds different types of religion?

I believe that tolerance is the way to overcome fear!

Whether our differences are based in gender, race, or creed, tolerance is the secret to world peace.

People from all different types of religion can live in harmony.  If religion is the cause of strife among individuals, it is human error not the Word of God.

Fear will break you down, and Love will lift you up.

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PS– Remember everyday:

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  2. Take deeep breaths
  3. Be active in a way that adds joy to your life

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4 thoughts on “Is Tolerance the Tie That Binds Different Types of Religion?

  1. I am writing in regards to the quote passed along by JoAnn. I believe tolerance has got our nation into the shape it is in today. I am not of a “religion” but I do follow the Holy Spirit that dwells within me that the bible speaks of. The Holy Spirit that is given ONLY to those who place their faith in Jesus Christ. God is an unconditional and loving God. He is filled with grace and mercy to those who belong to Him and to those who don’t.However, we are not all His. We either belong to God or we belong to the god of this world that blinds us of the true God. The God who made the heavens and the earth. When we belong to Him we are then allowed to call our sin….what it is sin/mistakes. We get back up and we ask for His hand continually. We are born into a sinful nature and we cannot overcome that on our own. We must have a mediator-Jesus Christ. Romans 3:23 For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.2 Corinthians 5:21 God made Him(Jesus) who had NO sin to become sin so that in Him we could become the righteousness of God. For those who don’t know Jesus God’s wrath is resting on them until they become HIs. I don’t know what the Catholic teachings are but that is directly from the Holy Bible (GOd’s word). Tolerance of everything except God’s word is allowed these days and you see what is happening. Look around…..our founding fathers lived by the word of God to make our nation great… look at it. Too many people tolerating sin….not holding people accountable speaking the truth in love when necessary. Yes love the sinner hate the sin…. and expose it….

    1. Aloha Sharon,

      To be completely honest, your comment makes my heart ache.

      Jesus is love and he taught us to love even the most vile sinner. Not ONLY vile sinners “who belong to Him”, but ALL sinners, vile and otherwise.

      He dined with whores. Was he out to expose them? Hell no! He was out to eat dinner with them.

      Your comment sounds to me like you are proposing that we all drag each other to the alter. Your comment sounds like you are without sin, and you are ready to cast stones.

      The founding fathers said that all men are created equal, but they let the Civil War actually bring that to pass in this country. How great was our country before we stopped treating people as property? I guess that would depend on the color of your skin.

      You say that tolerance of everything except God’s word is allowed these days. Are you suggesting that people can be controlled if we would just stop tolerating them? Your comments confuse me and make me pray for you.

      Jesus taught 2 commandments.

      Love God.

      Love others as you love yourself.

      Good luck at the gates of heaven.

      I sincerely wish you well.

      Many blessings,

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