Do You Let the Comfort of the Cool Tall Grass Reduce Your Stress?

Cool Tall Grass

Sometimes life can bring more than we bargained for.

Life is too short to be swallowed up in stress.

Ever felt like you just couldn’t take another step?

I think I get to that point everyday.  You know what I mean?  Raising kids is exhausting 7 days a week!

Today my three year old reminded me to stop and embrace the shelter that life offers you.

My son and I were on our daily walk this morning.  We decided to go a bit further than usual and found a path we have never explored before.

It was over grown with grass, but we enjoyed the adventure, so decided to see where the path would lead us.  After a fun downhill, romp we came to a clearing and were treated with a beautiful view of the ocean.

We just sat and enjoyed it for the longest time.  By the time we headed for home, the sun was high in the sky.

We hadn’t realized it was going to be rough traveling up hill in the tall grass and the blazing sun.

The down slope had been quick and fun, but the trip back up to the main trail seemed much longer.

My little guy was getting frustrated fighting the towering grass.  To keep his mind off his struggle, I told him how it reminded me of walking in deep snow while I was growing up in Montana .

Before long, he got his feet tangled and down he went.

He tried to get up and fell again.

Tears started at the corners of his eyes.  He’d just reached that point where he couldn’t go another step.

I looked down at his red little face, and took pity.

Scooping him up in my arms, I fell backward into the cool tall grass.  If we leaned into the grassy nest that I had just created we were completely shaded from the sun.

We both took a long sweet smelling breath and just laid there looking up at the clouds until we were cool but thirsty.

When we headed home for that cool glass of ice water, our feet were somehow lighter!  The trail didn’t seem so steep, and the sun didn’t seem so hot.

Do you let the comfort of the cool tall grass reduce your stress?

As the “Life Breath Coach”  I teach people to deal with stress in the midst of a health crisis.  They understand that their life depends on getting through the storm intact.

The caregivers of those enduring a health crisis often don’t know they even NEED stress management.  They really aren’t aware of the stress.  Even stress has become routine, because they are juggling stressful situations all day.

Can you see how you ignore stress in your life?

You are in good company.  Take massive action and you will create stress.  Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. 

However, stress IS something that requires rest and recuperation … eventually.


Recovery from stress is much better sooner than later!

If you wait too long to allow the restoration and recuperation you need after AND during stress, you will get SICK!


Ignore your need for nurturing and it will bite you in the butt with a health crisis!

You always think that you will deal with nurturing yourself when you have the time, yet unless you MAKE the time it usually doesn’t happen.

Vacation is a time for fun!

Yet we often return from a vacation completely exhausted because we are too sedentary on a daily basis.  Endurance to enjoy a vacation is something the average person runs short on.

Even fun takes a lot of energy!

Is your idea of a restful weekend on the couch in front of the television?

Getting cozy with loved ones while you watch something funny can be incredibly awesome fun.

Certainly it has a restful element to it.  Though, turning off the entertainment, slowing down the conversation, reducing all stimulation … takes rest and recuperation to a whole new level.

The Heart Failure Solutions community comes together each week for the meeting of the “Life Breath Club“.

Every week we are reminded that the way to deal with stress is to breathe into Now.

Each breath is a chance to process stress.

You can schedule mini vacations into every day that restore you a little at a time.

If we don’t meet for that one hour each week, we forget the goal to stay strong by nurturing ourselves through all the good and bad stress in our lives.

It isn’t hard to nurture yourself, it’s just so very easy to FORGET!


Try this acronym to remind yourself of all the nurturing you need each and every day.

BLESS yourself with nurturing and you will BLESS the whole world.


Discover how your breathing makes you sick and what you can do about it.

L  Love

Learn how to navigate life from your heart space.


Find out why not all food is medicine.

S  Sit

The BLESS action plan really begins with cultivating stillness.

However, you will find it very difficult to be Still until you heal enough to face the fire within.

Sit upright in quiet stillness and find your inner strength.

S  Speak

Sacred Breathing will give your Voice strength.

Share your story to give others hope!


Will Your Be the Next Blessed Life?

Become a member of the “Life Breath Club” today!

Click on the link below to learn more about member benefits.

Life Breath Club Member Benefits

This is a private membership to protect your medical privacy.

It’s FREE!


Many BLESSings,

Carrie Tucker, RCP

The Life Breath Coach

Heart Failure Solutions


PS– Remember everyday:

  • Relax and Release tension
  • Exhale Slowly
  • Be active in a way that adds Joy to your life

Plus pure water ~whole foods~sunshine~and laughter

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